This forum is not officially monitored by Forza Support

I was frustrated to read today that “this forum is not officially monitored by Forza Support”.

What a joke. So why setup a forum like this, tell all your users about it, encourage us to contribute to it and then tell us “no guarantee that anyone important will read it”

This is a get out jail card and consistent with the deterioration is customer service.

FH5 has some fundamental design weaknesses which can be fixed and would significantly improve the gaming experience

The Forza support processes are a joke. I don’t think i ever received a useful response. Some responses took 6 weeks. I generally only got the automated response, which also says the support team is closed at Christmas

It is frustrating for us that the support team closes our incidents before fixing the issue. Change the status to “in progress” but don’t tell me it is fixed/closed when it isnt

The Forza dev and support team has a chance to leverage these forums and improve the gaming experience. Don’t squander this opportunity with “not officially monitored” attitudes. I think every comment should be reviewed by Someone from Forza support

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The point is, if you have a problem with the game, the devs want you to submit an official support ticket. Most forums I participate in are like that. While there may be issues with the bug reporting system, complaining that the forums isn’t a legitimate alternate is not the answer.

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Max does keep track of a lot of things that happen on the forums and it makes common sense that while some devs dont post they do look and see whats being said from time to time. If you want to feedback to the developer directly thats what the support sites set up for in the top menu bar.

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The full thread is here:

As I describe in that thread, the point is that we do have a dedicated place to report bugs and technical issues - via Forza Support - where there is a full team dedicated to monitoring user reports. Part of the reason for the two sites is due to privacy issues involved when the team investigates a user’s case.

The Forza Forums exist to serve the community for the rest of their interests, in sharing gameplay info and tips, sharing user created content, meeting others, and as in this section, leveraging the forums as a place to collect feedback and suggestions. These are read and forwarded to the developers, so it would be incorrect to say that community posts are not being read. The point of the Troubleshooting section is that topics about bugs are not officially monitored here, but elsewhere. And that section remains open in the case that what a user perceives as a bug actually has a simple workaround described by their fellow users.

Also described in that thread, Support is a multistage process. Tickets are marked “Solved” from the perspective of the Support team when the reported issue is already known and is being investigated by the appropriate development team. This status wording is a characteristic of the software, but in any case, changing the semantics would not change the pace at which resolutions are ultimately deployed.

It’s understandable to be frustrated at the pace of solving all issues - we’re as eager to get them resolved as the players. Forza’s teams are constantly working hard on several fixes in various orders of priority. As much as we wish we could tackle everything at one time, we are finding that some fixes are quicker and easier than others. If you do not see immediate fixes for certain issues (and unfortunately this time span can sometimes take months, as you’ve pointed out), please know we are working on them and we are grateful for your continued patience with the process.


If every single comment on here needed to be reviewed by someone from Forza Support, then they’d need to expand the support department by probably 100 people, if not more given how many comments this forum receives a day. Even the Official Microsoft Forum has no Official presence beyond a handful of Community Managers who answer unanswered threads but can’t do much.

There is no only Official Presence on the forum comes form a Turn 10 Employee (Max). I don’t believe anyone from Playground frequents the forum, even in a non-official capacity (frankly, I’d imagine most of Playground staff don’t even know this forum exists)

There is a case to be made that support need better replies to their tickets. I submitted a bug report the other day and got a generic “this ticket has been closed” reply and it sounded like they were just ignoring the issue as it just pointed me at the Known Issues list…which I’d already checked prior to submitting my report…my reply was, I admit, a tad harsh, accusing support of ignoring my issue and would not report issues in future…I got a reply to say 1000s of issues were known but not on the list. The 2nd reply made me feel less like I was being ignored. If that reply had been the first reply, I would have been fine with the ticket being closed…as it stands, most ticket replies make players feel like their issue is being ignored

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I agree. The response we receive when we raise a ticket is insulting and rude. I interpret the status of “closed” to mean the dev team is working on it but we have no idea of when it will be fixed. A better response would be “we are aware of this issue. We are working on a fix which is expected in release xxx scheduled to be available on yyy date…”

Thanks Max for your reply. While I understand your perspective I don’t agree. Fh5 like no other game i have played, was released with a huge number of bugs. I think the quality bar was too low, the number of game crashes too high and the customer experience was very poor.

So the philosophy seems to be to get the users to test the game in production. So that approach needs a rapid turnaround as major bugs are found. I had bugs where i couldnt start the game for several days that never got answered.

Max, you are now playing a very important role acting as the interface between the users and the dev team. You will have your finger on the pulse about the key issues. You should have the authority to be able to prioritise the backlog of fixes.

There are alot of fh5 users with a good understanding of IT who are expecting to be treated with respect and a level of customer service considering we bought an expensive game and pay Xbox live fees every month.