README: This forum is not monitored by official Forza Support

The Forza forums are not intended to be a place for technical support service, and Forza Support does not track the forums for bug reports. The best way troubleshoot any of these issues is to read the existing solutions on Forza Support and submit a ticket so the team is aware of the issue and can investigate. Please do that before you post here and, when you post, confirm in your post that you have submitted a ticket.

Start by reviewing the Known Issues List and other articles at Forza Support, both in the FH5 section and General section.

If you cannot find a solution from the current articles, there is a “Submit a Ticket” link at the bottom of each article. The more reports we receive on an issue the better we’ll be able to diagnose and address it, but please understand that fixes are not immediate.


  • Be sure you’re entering all the requested information and referring to the correct game.
  • Also report which Support articles you’ve read, the steps you’ve taken, and the results including error messages.
  • Watch your email for a receipt from Forza Support which will include helpful links and a Yes/No question - be sure to respond either by email or on the Forza Support site under My Activities. If you do not respond you will receive a reminder email, and if you do not respond to that reminder then your ticket will be closed.
  • Immediate closure of ticket cases does not mean your issue is being ignored. In cases where an issue is marked as “Solved” or closed, that may mean the Support team has the info it needs and the next step is for the developers to address it. See the About Support article for more info.
  • Be patient. Spamming multiple tickets on the same issue, or sending abusive communication, can result in your account being locked out of the Forza Support site and prevent you from getting support on any future issues.

Please do not post feedback or suggestion topics here - those go in either FH5 Discussion or the Suggestions categories. The FH5 Troubleshooting category is open for users to help each other with potential diagnosis or workarounds before submitting a ticket to Forza Support.


Preventive maintenance

  • Many issues with the game not working as expected can be solved simply by rebooting your device. Try this as a first step before asking for help or submitting a ticket.

External issues

  • Forza Support is unable to assist with issues that are not related to Forza’s games. If you are experiencing issues with Xbox services, accounts, purchasing/downloading, or similar, please contact official Xbox / Microsoft Support or Steam Support.

How to Report a Bug

  • Report issues like textures and draw distance here. Including your DXDIAG info is helpful.

Game Not Launching or Crashing on PC

  • Some solutions here include disabling antivirus programs and running in Administrator mode.

Wheel User’s Guide

  • It’s important to keep your device updated with the manufacturer’s most current drivers.

Connection Troubleshooting

Audio Troubleshooting


Forza games are rated E for Everyone, and certain conduct and content is prohibited for the safety and security of our players. Bans are not open topics for discussion on the forums; use the ban checker below and refer to the email you receive about your case ticket. Naming other gamertags for their behavior is also not allowed on the forums.