Things that need fixing

I’ve put about 60 hours in to Horizon 2 so far and although overall I love it, there are a few annoying things that I hope will be fixed in future updates:

  1. No way to play the Finale race online or in rivals. This is by far the best race on the game in my opinion and me and all of my friends loved the longer races on the first Horizon game (the goliath race and red rock to dam where our favourites). It seems strange to me that once I’ve beaten the finale race in horizon 2 twice I can basically never ever play it again.

  2. No option to quit an online road trip when it finishes. It is very annoying having to vote for the next location, pick a car, wait for all the loading etc just to be able to then quit and go back to solo or a private online free roam etc. Surely it makes sense to give us an option to leave the online road trip once it finishes and before the next one starts?

  3. Skills seem to count for far too much in online races. This is a racing game at the end of the day, so how does it make sense that in an online road trip I can win all 4 races but still only come third in the final standings just because someone did more drifts than me in a couple of races? I’m all for skills counting for something and giving you a bit of a bonus but at the moment it feels like it is actually better to sit at the back of the pack doing drifts than it is to try and win the race. We tested this theory recently in a game of King. I spent the entire time trying to get king while my friend just did donuts and drifts the entire time - at the end of the game despite me coming second in the king standings he actually got more xp than me and therefore moved ahead of me in the championship. Same for the “drive to the event” parts between each race. I got to the event first and he just didn’t even try to get there but did skills in a field the entire time instead and he got just as much xp as me. The whole system just ends up making it feel completely random. Me and all of my friends often joke now that whoever wins the race is probably going to go down a place or two in the championship… which really shouldn’t be the case in a forza game.

3 (b). Sort of a continuation of the previous point, but doing the same skill over and over keeps giving you the same amount of points. This means that you can (and many people do) just go to somewhere wide like the airport runway and just drift from side to side all the way up and down it over and over again in one continuous combo and get literally millions of points. I’m pretty sure in Horizon 1 the more you did a particular skill in one combo the less points you got for it?

  1. In the auto show if I sort the cars by value or class etc and then buy a car but click no on the “do you want to leave the auto show” question, then it resets the sorting order and I have to sort them again.

  2. No way to change car in rivals without quitting and starting again. If I go to the Rivals tab in the pause menu and select a race, I choose my car and then start the rivals race, if I then want to change to a different car I have to quit and wait for all of the loading screens to take me back to single player, then go back in to the pause menu and find the rivals race again. I don’t see why we can’t just change car from that same screen that lets us change tuning options and start the race. Actually this goes for single player races as well, it is annoying having to drive back to an outpost just to change car.


I have all of these problems. +1

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I agree with all points made.

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As far as gameplay goes, that about sums it up.

Agree with everything.

I would add:

Spawn us at a hub, not a car meet. The hubs are where you interact with the cars and races, which is the first thing most people want to do when they boot up the game. Leaving the meet (load screen) and getting to the hub (load screen or potentially lengthy drive) are two unnecessary steps in the process.


I agree with all of these, however my biggest gripe is how little time you get to choose a car before starting a race in FREEROAM. It is very rushed and if you don’t select one in time, you end up with a stock, untuned, mess. I would suggest the following:

  1. Default time of ~2 minutes. Or at least allow the host to define the ‘car selection time’ when setting up a new race (and save the last setting so this doesn’t have to be done each time!).
  2. Provide info about the race you are about to do, such as surface, weather, etc. The host obviously knows the route/class/settings that they choose, but when you join a race, you select the car first (and quickly) without knowing any of this! It would be sensible to include the percentages of different surfaces and details of the race length, etc.
  3. Have ‘ready’ status so when everyone selects ‘ready’ a 10 second countdown begins, but allow the host to force a 10 second countdown (like FM5) in case someone is stalling unecesarily.
  4. Audible warning for the last 10 seconds of the countdown.
  5. If you fail to select a car in the time limit, at least let the game auto-select a car from your garage (ideally, a predetermined ‘favourite’) rather than a stock, untuned random car.

Other changes I’d like see:

  1. Option to create your own races by laying down your own waypoints, etc - an editor. And to be able to save them, organise them and share them with Friends or the community. It seems an oversight to have not included this as default functionality given the open world style: A ‘complete coastal race’, or ‘entire motorway race’, a ‘super-long endurance race’ would all be on my list… The ability to select an image for each ‘user-created race’ such as an in-game photo, would be excellent. They could even enable payouts when the community race your routes, like with tunes and paint jobs.
  2. It would be nice to be able to change tunes and paint jobs while waiting in the car selection lobby.
  3. I quite often have disagreements with friends over who bumped who :wink: - it would be great to be able to create a replay that everyone could review in ‘aftergame highlights’. Perhaps automatically record key events during a race showing key skills and crashes, and especially player/player contact! And then to be able to save these highlight replays.
  4. It would be nice to be able to designate certain cars as ‘favourites’ and then be able to easily filter for them.
  5. It is annoying to have to fast travel to a race to then start it. The host should be able to start a race via the map. Also, other players should be able to at least propose a race, perhaps so it shows up on the host’s map?
  6. Option to ‘Re-try’ a race should be included, so you can easily repeat a great close race, for example.
  7. It is currently not possible to filter cars by price (only value) so it can be a little irritating browsing through all the cars to find ones you’ve been gifted or DLC. Perhaps given that they are free, they could be ‘recommended’ and appear at the start of the list?

Generally what I think is missing is the ability to customise how you play, which is odd given that customising is at the heart of the game. Most of the things in my list and those above should be relatively simple to implement. Please Turn10, PLEASE…!



This one ^^

I was able to get the Sultan achievement for having a lot of cars. I now no longer have enough time to even scroll all the way through A-Class to find the car I want.

I think if championships are based on experience points, clean racing points should be worth 5x as much in online racing. Maybe, that will encourage people to race clean instead of bumper cars.


This is a good idea. If skill points are so huge to the point of having a larger impact that a win, clean racing should also have a larger impact than it currently does. As some have said, I think skill points should only count if you cross the finish line in the time limit (30 seconds after first place.) You should not be able to win first place by simply hanging out at the starting line and earning skill points. If you cannot cross the finish line, you didn’t finish the race and all those points shouldn’t count - or should count for a percentage based on the percentage of the race you finished.

As MONSTEER also said a post above this: I think a waypoint editor would be nice for custom races. Sure, it might not be for online play, you might have to only play with friends, or only play with the AI Drivatars, but it would be a great addition. With a solo only implementation it would allow for a sort of ‘beta’ period for the devs before taking it to multiplayer.

Awesome idea

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