Things T10 need to get right when FM releases

I’ve been playing Forza since FM2 came out. I’ve gotten thousands of hours of enjoyment out of the games yet also hundreds of hours of frustration. Mostly this is when the games release, FM7 and FH5 have had plenty of day one issues, many in 7 were never really fixed.

The biggest problems on release have been about communication from T10 and PG when those bugs, errors etc have been reported. You guys obviously have staff members that take care of your social media accounts, and really need a paid employee for the forums too. Someone who has real access to the development teams. Hiding information in the middle of an hour long video isn’t helpful either.

Problems such as VIP and loyalty gifts not showing up are not being addressed, the whole saga with VIP with FM7 was inexcusable. As was locking cars behind the specialty dealer and not explaining anything about it. Locking them behind events anyone could do at any time is fair, its a good reason to encourage people to do the enduros.

Please, just make an effort to let us, your customers, your fans, know what is going on. It doesn’t have to be notifications of every slightest detail, just an overview if where you are at both for development of the next game and fixing mistakes when they are found.


I think Turn 10 needs fo get the dirt physics right since I believe FM is about to get the dirt racing. They should learn something from the DiRT team in Codemasters, as well as Bristol dirt oval which NASCAR actually ran.

Dirt and snow racing can handle differently from tarmac racing, and rallycross is a combo of dirt and tarmac to the nexf level. Though T10 can allow Le Mans racers to go rallycross if they wanna, they need to get the dirt and snow physics right.

I avoided Horizon series because the races are way too short, and lack of endurance racing in career modes outside user-made races. The open-world structure was fun but I find closed tracks suit my tracks. If FM is still a stale tarmac-only game and no dirt tracks (even not getting half-baked dirt physics), then I may consider let T10 kill off Motorsport series.