They changed the title ''Spring'' 2023 to 2023

Hi guys I just wanted to share something that i noticed. One week ago i realised that they changed the title Spring 2023 to 2023. i was surfing on the net and looking at upcoming Forza news they removed the Spring title. Im sure when i visited the web page ( Forza Motorsport | Xbox it says Spring 2023 now only we can see '‘Coming 2023’. In my opinion Probably we can see delays on this game. I thought that the game will be released late April or May but now im not sure maybe it will be released in Sep or Oct. I hope they release the game before Summer comes. Have a good race.

We noticed this the last time they said anything about the game, which was in January.

I’m still of the mindset that this is not showing up this year. I think somewhere along the way, things went horribly wrong for Turn 10, and now there’s a furious scramble to slap together some kind of product that will not lead to Microsoft trashing the entire franchise altogether. And I don’t know that they’re going to succeed. If they had anything to show, they would have shown it by now.

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you have point while saying ‘‘There’s no way they would trash the Forza franchise’’ but also i agree user Clutch2009 ‘‘If they had anything to show, they would have shown it by now.’’ but what exactly happened. When i watched them last time Chris Esaki said ‘‘we will show multiplayer and career mode soon’’ but still no news or anything about game. Im sure so many people are waiting pre order. I hope next time they return with good news and release date.

Oh, Microsoft absolutely would kill the franchise. Numbers don’t mean anything unless they’re ridiculously high or they’re low enough to justify the cut, and Forza is nearer to the latter; besides, that oft-touted number of 25 million plus is, as you noted, likely nonsense and the actual numbers are probably a fraction of that. Now, Horizon might survive (and that would be tragic), but it would undergo a radical rebranding to try and distance itself from the past, at minimum. They could do more, but the sad truth is that Horizon’s already so far removed from the rest of the proceedings that losing the Forza name would probably do less damage than trying to rehabilitate it.

If you don’t think that Microsoft would put this franchise down, you haven’t been paying attention to media companies lately. It really wouldn’t be much of a thing.

It sure does smell a lot like that’s the case, doesn’t it? They have been so, SOOOOO quiet here and while at first I was like “they’ve learned from past lessons; no leaks, and this is what that looks like” but now I’m starting to think more and more that they really, truly don’t have anything to show so there IS nothing to leak…

…other than the fact that the game could be dead entirely, of course. Which would be the mother of all leaks indeed.

They also had the beta tests locked up like fort knox, we only ever got two leaked images from that time. For forum rule reasons I won’t be posting those leaked images, they’re easily findable anyway.

Also I’m convinced Esaki only says “soon” to jingle some keys in front of us to keep us hopeful, but at this point now that’s not even working anymore for most people.

So from all these comments must i understand the game will be delayed or wont be published. There wont be any Forza Motorsports game anymore ?

The Forza Motorsport team is looking forward to game launch and we will be sharing information pre-order information with more details, stay tuned.


Hi @T10ManteoMax

Is there any inkling of when we’ll get info? Are we looking at months of silence or something in the reasonable future?

I don’t have anything to announce at this time but we know everyone’s hungry for more info and visuals, and we want to get those in front of the community as much as the community wants to see them!


…I’m sorry, but I don’t think I or many others here can find that statement credible anymore. You’re welcome to choose whatever reason as to why that will help you sleep at night, but…we don’t believe you.

We’re fast approaching three years since the official announcement of this game; one year since the E3 2022 “debut”; and three months since the E3 2022 “debut” II: The Quickening, otherwise known as the Developer_Direct presentation. Every single time Forza Motorsport has had a subpar display or barely managed to muster a passing remark, Chris Esaki comes out from hiding, plasters on a $.99 grin, basically regurgitates everything that was in the display, and then leaves, but not before closing with this:

“In the coming months, I and the rest of the Forza Motorsport team are excited to show you all that we’ve been working on!”

And then the coming months turn into the passed months, and nothing new has been shown, or discussed, or even hinted at.

Why? Why should we believe now is going to be any different?


Thank you to ManteoMax for joining the convo – we really appreciate dev input here, or at least I know I do – but I’m with Clutch. These delays, the constant overpromising and underdelivering – the “coming months” phrase itself (might as well call it “Forza Motorsport: Coming Months” at this point) – something seems rotten in the state of Forza Motorsport.

And here’s the problem with all this.

The more you delay, the more expectations build and it gets to the point where impressing people gets harder and harder and harder. Why? Because they’ve been waiting so long, they want to see something that really blows their minds because they’re anxious and they’ve been surfing Reddit, these forums, Twitter, etc for any snippet of info they can get to the point that once an actual announcement comes, they’re like "yeah, OK. But I’ve been conversing with others for months now about what we’re expecting and this is not that. "

It’s like one of those situations where something is said enough (“we’re DEFINITELY getting ** insert car here ** – I’ve heard it said thousands of times” or “Qualifying and race weekends are in FOR SURE – everyone knows this” etc) that true or not, people believe it to be and are very disappointed when it isn’t the case – I mean, there’s actually an example of this phenomenon in this very thread, only a few posts above this one.

This can lead to a degree of disengagement and disenchantment. So much so, at times, that folks could end up passing on the game completely. These days, attention spans are shorter and shorter and gamers ever more fickle. I’m sure T10 knows this…but they aren’t really showing that with this development/reveal cadence.

Or, I’m completely wrong and thee really is some revolutionization going on here, and we should all just give them the time. Perhaps, I say perhaps. There’s just been so…very…little; I mean I hear more about FM7 on the regular than I do about FM NextGen. And that’s weird. :man_shrugging:

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Look, I really appreciate you taking the time to give us an update for once; but I just don’t know how many "soon"s I have left in me. hopefully it means actually soon this time around and not an entire half year.

Hopefully too, there’s actual substance to the next showcase and not just the same graphics talk from the last three times.

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Maybe they want to be sure and They are collecting reviews,looking for new idea etc. if i understood correctly, they are waiting for the right time to release. honestly I became a big fan of Forza Motorsport since this game came to PC. I can wait until this year’s summer but Im not sure i can wait further. All i wanted to play with new Gt and LMP LMH (prototype) cars with stunning Graphics.

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Here’s the issue with that. This isn’t like Hollywood, where studios can and sometimes do shelve movies until they think it’s beneficial to release it. With video games, you either strike while the iron’s hot or you miss the chance, because technology’s advanced so much that you have to redo the whole thing all over again or a competitor’s come along and taken all of the business. There is no waiting for the right moment - you either launch when ready or get beaten to the punch.

I don’t think Turn 10 has a ready product. Certainly not ready for “SPRING 2023!!!”, and likely not ready for 2023 at all. Games that have the budget and resources and manpower that this game does do not act this tight-lipped. Not for better, not for worse, not for different genres, not for the same genre. This isn’t a brand new IP looking to make a big surprise splash, and frankly, to go back to the Hollywood analogy, even the most secretive productions talk, and frequently. In this industry, these kind of games only get played to try and make people think something’s there when it’s not.

I know Max can’t say much more than he has already, even if internally he knows more.

That’s just the way it is with comms calendars for AAA games, they’re rather inflexible.

Information gets dropped at specific times with specific beats, and you can’t really go “off script” and casually drop significant new info in a forum reply.

Anyone wanting “more info” will simply have to wait until Microsoft decides it’s time to talk once more, it’s not a thing they (or any other publisher) would budge on.


I did notice he didn’t say “the schedule hasn’t changed.”

Ehhh… Awell, I’ve got formula one to keep me company and to pass time while I wait. Before you know it it’ll be Abu Dhabi race week.

Ah tbf I knew Max couldn’t say anything even if he had something.

Sometimes you fish and catch something!

OK, that’s fine. With that in mind, Turn 10’s comms plan sucks. It’s probably the worst I’ve seen since Massive Entertainment. There is no communication. There is no buildup. Their attempts to premiere this game have been about as successful as a newborn kitten attempting their first jump. And this has been ongoing for three years.