The Worst Economy

Everyone praised this game for the fact that the most expensive cars in Forza 7 cap out at 1.5 million credits. (now 1.65 million thanks to the Bugatti Chiron.) But, actually, if you scratch at that thin mask of excellence, you realize that there is a very good reason why they are only that much and not the 20million of GT Sport or even 10million of Forza 6. Why? Because the economy of Forza 7 is garbage. Ignore the bonus cards and VIP rewards. Those are actually pretty vital to the economy, but let’s just investigate the real issues: those players who don’t like to use those bonus cards or aren’t skilled enough to, and/or those who don’t have an updated version or VIP.

Remember the 2X rewards for VIPs didn’t exist at the beginning, which really compounds the issue.

First, let’s compare prices: Cars in FM7 are generally about 2-3 times more expensive than in Gran Turismo Sport. Some might argue that this is because Forza 7 forces the homologation parts on you like lots of moldy bread, But, I don’t think that full accounts for the price. But, in a normal Forza game 1,050,000 for a Diablo SV instead of 300,000 in GT Sport, wouldn’t be a problem because earning money wasn’t hard. In Forza 7, however, earning money is about as hard as it is in the real world. I’ve been running races in Free Play and I can say that a 2 hour race on average gives me a base reward of 240,000cr. Two hours for just under 1/4 million. That means that Diablo, without any sort of bonus is worth about 9 hours of racing. It means a 1,.500,000 car would cost you about 12 hours of your life.

Now, if we’re going to compare economies, then I should point out there is a race in GT Sport that takes about 12 minutes, and if you use a near stock Ferrari F40, and get a clean race bonus, which it’s on a trioval, it will net you 320,000cr. In 12 minutes. That means that in about an hour, you can have 1,000,000 credits. That’s not bad comparatively.

And this frankly massive problem is compounded by incredibly poor game design choices. For intense, the game tells me there are 766 cars currently in the game. We have had access to…702 of them. That’s it. That means there are 64 cars locked away behind…I don’t actually know at this point. I thought Turn10 was gonna put them in the Specialty Dealer rotation, but that restarted from the beginning like 1/4 of the way through the locked cars. And about 1/4 of the stupid Forzathon cars have been cars that were already on sale via the Specialty Dealership.

“Ah, it’s fine, I’ll just get 'em cheap via the level up rewards.” Yeah. I have 13 cars left that I can buy and the level up rewards started giving me duplicates, as well.

The Problem with Forza 7, is that it feels like there was a meeting a somepoint where part of the team talked about Forza 7 focusing on car collection, and then the other part was too busy playing Candy Crush on their phones or something. What’s the point of saying “It’s about collecting cars” and then locking away so many cars at the beginning, no one could have possibly gotten the “Platinum Collector” Achivement unless they were a dev and/or cheated? You see, Forza 7, Gran Turismo 5 and 6 did the whole massive car collection, too, and they did it better than you did, and no one liked it then, either.

So, the one thing that REALLY needs fixed is the base economy. And no, having VIP rewards and bonus cards doesn’t count. I mean, the bonus cards might only cut times in half. That’s still 6 hours for the most expensive cards. I mean to earn 1.1m in a single 2 hour race, I’m running 4x rewards in total. But, if I didn’t have those, I probably would have gotten rid of my console by now. I’m sorry, it’s kind…stupid to spend 2 hours racing and get so little reward. FIX THE ECONOMY! I know you’re in America and I know Trump is President, but, Turn10, you’re from Washington state, the state the protects Net Neutrality, gamers and gays.

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Directly comparing prices between games is like directly comparing prices between countries without even adjusting the currency. Video games only cost around 60 in the US but they cost around 7000 in Japan! That’s crazy!

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There sure is a lot to digest in that little wall of text you got there, killer. And you might very well be totally right with your game economy comparisons and whatnot, but I think the developers time and attention would be much better spent on fine-tuning game stability and performance rather than rethinking and/or tinkering with a fantasy economy based on a single product.

I couldn’t help but notice in your credit earning examples focused solely on grind racing. One can also earn substantial credits by auctioning extra or undesirable car inventory, selling duplicate/excess mod cards, or creating liveries for download or auction inventory. I’m no economist, but I think if you’re going to obsess over a fantasy economy, you need to include all in-game sources of income.

The problem with your argument here is that almost everyone would be using mod cards or VIP to boost their earnings in races (as these two enhancements are cheaply/readily available and boost your earnings significantly). Unless people live under a rock, then no one would be relying on race earnings alone to purchase cars.

The economy is fine as it is. If your main intention in this game is earning cash to buy your favourite car, then you’re not really having fun, are you.


So you are not counting auction house, credits gained via tunes and liveries, vip bonus and cards bonus, forza edition cars bonus but those are all features of the game!


You can easily earn 1 million credits per hour without VIP

100 laps on the Indy Oval with an Indy Car takes about 1 hr 8 min.

You earn:

Base payout…220k


3 90% mod cards…616k

6 level ups…120k

6 level up rewards…300k

equals… 1,476,000 credits

So not too hard to earn credits if you try.

If you have VIP add another 220k


But that means you have to play the game?
Outrageous! People don’t want to play the game, they want everything without any effort, see the massive amount of posts recently when there was a 2 weeks delay for the loyalty rewards.


Hasnt there been enough of these threads already

In the time taken to type all that out you could have raced and earnt a couple hundred thousand

The previous games were ridiculously easy to earn credits and got boring real quick
Maybe a game where you actually need to play is not your style of game lol


i’m totally fine with the ecosystem, even the fact it has an ecosystem, most games theseday the ecosystem is behind a paywall :)) - you earn a new car, you can go straight out to test it on track, add some mods and earn around 100k for a short race. most of the cars i have in my garage are cars from my drivatar-upgrade whichi mostly get them for free or for a very cheap price.

one thing i quite don’t get is the drivatar-reward each day/login. it says my drivatar was in 3 races, actually always 3 races and earned about 2-4k. is this always the same for everybody or is there any kind of progressing somehow or even can be influenced so my drivatar drivies more races?

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It’s infrequently a much higher number of races for me, but the payout for it, tunes, and paints have never been remotely significant regardless.

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