The speed trap I just went through has a fastest speed of 2,801 km/h

Nice to see they’ve eradicated the cheaters.


Makes me wish you could still disable PC users from crossplaying with you as it was in FH3. But Microsoft fully embraces it and does away with options so the poor PC crowd isn’t left alone (I do cross platform play myself). Even without that, it should be easy. Set a maximum for each car what is humanly achievable with tunings, add 5 % on top and if somebody gets more than that speed in a speed trap just instantly ban them for cheating. You should never even be able to enter values above 450 kp/h in a leaderboard.


Back in the old days if FM, people would boost the speeds/times for a particularly slow car by having a faster car push them. Does that still happen today?

It might be a cheater, but it’s also likely someone just ran afoul of a glitch.


true- I didn’t necessarily mean a ‘cheater’ so much as someone not doing it legitimately (obviously lol).

X1: You can’t cheat on a PC with a Microsoft game anymore than you can with an Xbox. PC players have just as much of a right to play without exclusion as anyone else. Stop being a console elitist.


Never thought I’d ever see those words used together! :joy:


Gonna have to take CW40’s side on that. It may be slightly easier on the PC to the average person but I dont see that being a reason to exclude us.

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I agree with X1 Two. Shouldn’t be a ban because it may not be always intentional but it shouldn’t be included on the leaderboard.

Can’t cheat huh? I found this on youtube.

I bet a moderator will remove this. But in that case at least they get links to send to the devs.

and they will be banned quickly. it happened in FH3 but people were banned pretty much every week they did sweeps. sometimes even sooner…

on a side note… nice buggy forums as well… Tier 8
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Horizon one had plenty of glitch speeds and it was never PC. The glitch speed you see above could easily have originated on a console. So lets step away from that debate.

Plenty of people get things in video games ( and life) where there is giant discrepancy between result and input.

Compare your best against your own efforts to improve it and you’ll enjoy it much more.

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Already!!! Damn the game isn’t even out yet
The only remedy for this is to report those records that are obviously cheating.

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It isn’t just the speed traps.

I had a pretty good jump off a Danger Sign, went to the leaderboards to see how I ranked and saw 1st place had a jump of over 10k ft…almost 2 miles…guess the car had a rocket attached to it.

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Mod tool with low gravity works in FH4? Nice.

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I see somebody broke the 10,000 km/h speed on one of the traps. I take back what I said earlier- if you use some sort of glitch to do that at a speed trap- you’re still a cheater.

We will report them on the beaches, We will report them & report them and report them! And we shall win! - Winston Chur-chillguy

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PC boys and their hacking tools.

Then they wonder why we sneer at them saying PC is best because multiplayer is free.

Again, dont stereotype pc players because we have slightly easier access to our FILES. It very well could be someone on an XBox. The whole pc vs console thing is dumb in the first place.

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