The horizon series is gradually getting worse

I’m so disappointed in the trajectory of the series. You don’t have to grind for anything. You feel disconnected from your vehicles. The graphics aren’t even that great tbh. I mean theyre by No means horrible but it’s not the most impressive. The only thing good about the game is the customization. Playground games need to go back to the drawing boards and make something similar to horizon 2. You guys are ruining a golden franchise.


While FH5 could definitely be better, I wouldn’t insult people who enjoy it. My taste in music is awesome (1970s-80s rocks) and my wife is even more awesome. Plus, there are women and non-cis men who play Forza, so don’t assume other people’s sexuality.


I apologize, I don’t mean to insult anyone I’m just annoyed that people are settling for this garbage. Seeing a once great series being butchered like this is killing me slowly


Witness much of this forum for examples of people NOT settling for the current state of the game.


Do play ground games even acknowledge the backlash?

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A little. Sort of. Sometimes. Maybe.

…yeah, kinda depressing at times.


What they’re doing to the series should be a crime lol. I tried my first online street race and it was so horrible. I felt like I was playing grand theft auto

There was the outcry over driving 100 miles in the Bentley Blower that PGG and Forza apologized for and gave everyone some consolation reward. It happens. For some, not often enough.

Sometimes they acknowledge an issue and try to fix it and then people get mad at the fix. “The AI is impossible to beat.” AI gets nerfed then “the AI isn’t challenging enough”

I imagine it can be hard to figure out how to please a player base of well over 10 million people. Granted there are some issues that most of think are basic and they should know better.


Honestly my biggest complaint is the driving experience itself. I couldn’t get past that part to discover any other cons about it, other than the obvious lack of a necessary grind.

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People won’t accept not getting prizes because they aren’t good enough, so we get this. I won the trial when everyone but one person quit and I lapped them because they clearly wanted the points without having to try. I wish some cars were only accessible based on ability and dedication, but PGG get so much abuse for making things even slightly exclusive.

Example. People who couldn’t and didn’t want to learn how to drift still wanted that AE86 in FH4 etc. Even paying credits to just get given it made some players melt. Some people just want to collect without grinding and it’s understandable but not myself. It’s hard to satisfy such a wide range of skills and ages in essentially what is a kids game that also appeals to adults both casual and obsessive.


Sounds like PGG needs to grow a pair.

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Horizon 2 wasn’t so kiddie and yet kids were still drawn to it. All it is-is a money grab now.


I also don’t like the driving experience of this game, at least not yet. Even though this current game is slowly getting better, I still don’t like the tuning system compared to the last game.

I’m doing things in this game I’m not entirely comfortable with to get the cars to behave like they did in the last game. Having a new tune approach is taking longer to iron out the kinks. I’ll get there soon but I’m also impatient.


The connection between car and driver is non existent. I don’t even feel like you would get enough feedback to notice any alterations in your tuning setups.

Can’t drift? Why do you need Twerkstallion?? Exclusive. :sunglasses: Only people who score 3 podiums in open drift can have it. (Which is actually pretty reasonable) waaa no, though. All the people who had it in the other games and put it away to never drift again will cry foul. People still want the Nio. Even though it’s not a must-have car, people would go mad if they couldn’t just buy it. They want a Metro 6R4 rally car even though they want dirt racing and cc removed from the game… :smiley: They don’t want to post a top 1,000 rivals time and show it off as a mark of skill because they’re talented enough to own one. :smiley: And that’s okay. :upside_down_face: They have a tough job pleasing all pallets


I’m actually liking FH5 more and more, this season the dailies are how they should be something quick and easy for the 1 point that you get for them, I hope they keep that up.


I’m all for not too much work for 1 point but only having to put on a coat of paint or take a picture of any car anywhere is just too easy. It should take more than 30 seconds.

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Its only 1 point so should only take a few seconds and should be that simple.

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So by that logic the Trial (which is 10 points) should only take 4 minutes or less. Point for point the Trial should give you 5 points just for picking a car (not even figuring in finding a great tune) and loading the first race.

In my opinion, getting the Daily complete before you even leave your garage at the start of the game is too easy.

Not to mention the “25,000cr upgrade” daily “challenge”. Though I can kind of see what they are maybe trying to do ? Get people to try new things. I bet a lot of people who would never have painted a car, taken a pic, or upgraded a car figured all those out. And it probably took them more than a few seconds or even minutes. Next up, let’s all learn how to tint windows !

Yeah, I’m ok with them being that easy for some, especially for dailies. Just like some find drifting so easy even their newborn can 3 Star Drift Story and for others it’s a challenge worthy of the name.