The horizon series is gradually getting worse

I wouldn’t have points the way they have them. I get that it’s to give people another route but even brand affinity isn’t a proper thing. Winning any one race in the trial in a GT40 to get a special Ford GT90 would create a riot even though you can argue hey its a cool thing for those who had the ability and it meant another crazy Ford got showcased.

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The Trial shouldn’t take all week to find a team of non-rammers but then that’s not an issue with the difficulty level.

lol… 5 points for picking the right car… some days that IS a challenge, in so many ways. Cars not counting because you already upgraded them and detuning to the correct PI didn’t do it. Have to buy a new car and hope that works for SO many different challenges. Sometimes for something as “quick and easy” as taking a pic of said car. And then there’s the time “picking” the right car meant laying out 4Mcr to buy it for many who simply didn’t have that kind of money. Ah… fun times… lol.


(And I would definitely make it where any legal car is visible provided you tune it up or down correctly.)


Maybe even cars that need tuned being greyed out or something to indicate that they are not eligible with their current tuning. Then you can know which cars are options for you to begin finding tunes for. I personally almost never use the eligible car button because of this limitation.


You can see all cars you can use:
Festival Playlist → scroll to event you want to complete → press Menu button.

What exactly is good about FH2?
The fact that you have to grind exact same races using same cars to “finish it”? Doesn’t really help that all servers for game have been down for years. No tunes, no liveries, no online…

I actually think the trial should be worth 15 points due to the stated pot luck of whether you get a good team or not, the championships that involve 3 races should be worth 10, anything that actually requires you to take part in an event should be worth 5, also 2 points for a photo challenge and 3 points for PR stunts. and daily’s 1 point and should take no longer than a minute or so to do.

People don’t just say that the Ai is impossible to beat… the Ai ‘is’ impossible to beat in some cases. If you are a tuner, and change your tune to try to beat the Ai then the Ai update their tune too… which overall means that the Ai ‘are’ impossible to beat. It’s not just a complaint, it’s a fact.


The tuning seems to include randomness too which means that you slide a slider one way, and then put it back where it was, and the braking distances have changed dramatically.

I experience the exact opposite. Tuning feels way more forgiving and many stock setups work quite well. The general increase in traction helps a lot here.
Making the right build takes longer than fine-tuning it.
The increase in traction results in an issue that kills most fun for me though:
The car building is more akin to Horizon 3 than 4 with power being the key to make a fast build. In Horizon 4 building a S900 car had two paths with somewhat similar results: Race tires and low power vs. Rallye tires and more power.

Here, with the huge nerf to brake upgrades and the overpowered Rallye tires it’s just Rallies with power.
On B700 it’s often Drag with power.

Not quite on the level of Horizon 3 where tire upgrades were useless and power ruled over everything. But not far off and it killed a lot of motivation for me to play Horizon 5.


Handling became buttery and elastic as soon as I adjusted the deadzones on my control pad. At first I thought they’d ruined the driving, but then I remembered to adjust them and it’s night and day.

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How is FH2 a masterpiece and FH5 garbage? Where are you guys pulling this out. FH2 is a good game, I agree. But it’s also same things repeated just for the sake of doing things. There is no option to customize any race or championship. It’s just drive from Castelleto to Nice, do 3 races and drive to another place to do another 3 races. How can someone find this attractive while thinking FH5 is boring is something I just can’t understand. The final race which I like the most can be done 2 times. After that you can forget to do it anymore. Online experience is the same as single player. Do a race drive to next place. Repetitive and monotonous.
Yeah the map is nice. As someone from Italy that lives in similar environment it did feel familiar. To bad it was ruined (for me) with half the map being unreachable. While driving in the forest was just annoying.
If something PG shouldn’t do is listening to those like you that are stuck in the past unwilling to move forward. Old games were fun… cheesus.

  1. I am actually a strong conservative so your assumption of my sociopolitical leanings is horribly wrong.

  2. The OP specifically said something about players who enjoy FH5 have bad taste in women and music and has since edited the post.

If a reply doesn’t seem to mesh with the previous post, check to see if the post had been edited.


While my taste in women maybe questionable, but you would have to ask my wife about that, my taste in music is impeccable. :sunglasses:

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Probably questionable too.

OP is just getting older and more jaded. That’s the way of the world.

What you find questionable is questionable too. :rofl:

I like the location of FH5 far better than the one in FH4, as I prefer the wide open spaces the location affords us. Unfortunately that’s about all I enjoy. Sure it looks a little bit better, and there’s a couple of different cars, but honestly, it feels like a massive step backward in terms of replayability, and functions.

Who knows, maybe the DLC’s will be mind blowing, and maybe they’ll add in new functionality further down the road, but until then I just log in a few times a week to take pictures, and see whether or not I can be bothered getting the freebie car and wheelspins. It’s a shame, too, because I can think of a dozen different games I probably should have spent my €100 on than this game, but I took a bet on FH5 being better in ALL ways than its predecessor.

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Drag tires. Hmmmmmm thats very interesting. I will look into that approach.

I should add Drags are most useful for FWD on B700.
Downtuned '18 Civic for example is very good on longer tracks.
’ 74 widebody Civic with the '97 Civic engine swap is meta on some tracks.
Basically every FWD car benefits from Drags. Especially because you can decrease PI on the modern ones that come with Sports tier tires stock. '16 Civic or the new Megane. The new JCW Mini most likely as well.

(sigh)… So, another day, another wtheck is wrong with the challenge this time. My X-Class isn’t suitably X-Class enough ? Because I had already upgraded it to X-Class ? And I suppose changing the tune back to stock and then back to X-Class won’t work either. Maybe I need to buy a new car or tune a different untuned car. Or is it that I chose the wrong Road Race ? Is it supposed to say Sprint ? Or Circuit ? Or ? Or is this just one of those bugs where it won’t work for me but works for most others ?

All. This. For. A. Single. Point. Daily.

EDIT : Sprint worked. But the AI were on crack.