The Eliminator is positively broken and needs to seriously be fixed

First off, there’s the glitch where it won’t let you challenge people, you’ll beep your horn and nothing happens and it’s game breaking

The “Car Drops” are unnecessarily stingy, I haven’t seen a car drop higher than Level 4

The final race point is a complete crapshoot, if the arena ends in the northernmost part of the map, the finish should be somewhere southwest. I get random chance is a thing in BR games but the final race isn’t a part it should be in, it needs nuance and FH4 did it well. FH5 you can get completely screwed over because the finish can be anywhere. Works for the H2H races, not so fair for the final ones.

Randomly getting challenged by players that are invisible

Places being inaccurate (game said I was 2nd, when it finished it marked me as 4th)

The vast majority of people here on this forum will share your view of the Eliminator.

If only PG Games thought the same way…heavy sigh…oh well.

If only PG Games visited these forums, they would see all the faults in their half baked potato.

I agree with all except for having dedicated finishing points in the final event and that the car drops are stingey. The car drops give you a start and there are the odd high level ones. But they NEED to be rare. The idea is to H2H to upgrade. The final event can’t start until a certain maximum amount of players are left. So there’s no point in PGG making less incentive to H2H battle.

I absolutely HATE the Eliminator. But, the current Seasonal of winning two H2Hs in a single game is actually showing me the format is much better when everyone is being super aggressive. The game goes so much faster. Half the time in Eliminator is spent waiting. But when everyone is aggressively challenging, you get to higher car levels faster and the game goes faster. I got my first 10 in this season due to the Seasonal. And I have yet to do one this week where I didn’t get to at least a 7. And the final round is always around 5 players instead of 10 or 15 or something. Which makes the odds of winning far greater.

I say, get rid of car drops entirely.