Eliminator Is A Joke

i just spent the better part of 20 minutes playing this raging dumpster fire, got to 12th place and never got the weekly challenge credit. furthermore, i never saw anyone else in the event, even though i was challenged to a race (which i won). how are we supposed to complete this challenge if the game play mode is fundamentally broken?


UPDATE: i just tried again and got the achievement. what i did different this time was to enter Eliminator from the Online/Horizon Open tab in the pause menu instead of trying to enter from the location on the map. i still didn’t see anyone in the event even though they were there. i managed to get to third place this time. this mode is broken and desperately needs to be fixed.


Glad im not the only one.

The other night I made it to the final round without seeing another player. 19 players in the final circle so not a massive area and yet no one to be found. 1st place apparently in the final run to the finish and all of a sudden the game ends and im 6th.

Last night again what seemed a very empty map, did see a few players but couldn’t challenge anyone. Half the car drops weren’t able to be claimed as they had been “claimed” by someone else yet they were still there as normal.

Extremely broken which is a shame considering its basically the same mode as FH4 which the last time I played that a few months ago seemed to be working fine.

Finding alot of the online modes to be broken as in Open Racing finding that theres normally 1 car that doesn’t seem to move at all and is stuck on the starting line yet ends up winning. Can see my name go from 1st to 2nd then cross the start line them I’m 1st then sometimes end up 2nd at the finish even though I’m 1st on the name list seconds before. Funny thing is you can hit the car on the start line.

Playground games in Open Racing ended up spawning no where near the actual event and I wasn’t alone.


FH5 is currently a single player game… Multiplayer is a buggy Illusion. Wonder if they ever tested anything for Multiplayer before publishing this game. Or they will never fix it.


I think they needed more time to finish the game, but rolled it out anyways to avoid fan critics. I personally see the game as poorly designed and a rehash of past FH titles in a different, but more boring setting. In a way I’m glad I decided to skip this game (at least for now) - too puerile looking!

BTW. I am playing eliminator right now while posting here… so bored by it… no players visible no challenge. Last circle… I am stuck with best car I found… Lvl 6.

16 players still alive. all invisible some have lvl 9 or lvl 10. I know what will happen… boring and frustrating the same time. Really stupid of me to still even play it without them fixing it.


Unless we’re competing against ninjas at a camouflage convention, The Eliminator seems to be an entirely single player experience. I calmly drove into the circle, found some other cars, drove to the next circle, found another car, until it was the final section and a sprint to the finish. Not one other car visible the whole session.


Omg… I won with lvl 6 car. out of 46 players. Without seeing anyone or any challenge from start to end.

Single player experience. no MP. It is a joke.


Congrats…I managed 3rd place in a Level 2 car out of 54 players…saw one player the entire time and we couldn’t challenge each other, ended up doing some tandem drifting to while away the time until enough people quit that the final showdown could start. The one positive was I was able to complete the “Acquire 5 car drops in one event” Accolade as I didn’t need to worry about swapping one L2 car for another one.

This Game Mode is fun to do once a week or whatever as a distraction…but it’s not much fun currently. though the 3 previous ones I had done had all worked correctly with no bugs

The cars aren’t properly tiered. Technically you can win in any car if you know which direction the final marker will be. I’ve won numerous time in a certain level 2 but the crown car that I’ve won nearly 25 times in, is a level 4. The common misperception is: you need a high level car to win, that is incorrect. Level 2, 4 and 5 are the ones I win in the most. The times I did have a level 10 aren’t guaranteed wins because some have way too much power & don’t belong offroad.

In FH 5 is a bit different.
There is a level 10 car that it is impossible to beat and it is the hoonigan rs200. I won three eliminator in FH5 (just to win all the accolade cars) one was in the Hoonigan RS200, one in Nissan GT-R Level 9 and lastly my first win in eliminator FH5 that was in a bronco level 4.
The other big difference is that in FH5 there are many river that is possible to overpass only by a long bridge that start at big distance from the river.

FH5 Car Levels are joke… they could get rid of it completely.
I just drove cross country in a Lvl 5 Bronco without hitting any tree or bush etc and got beaten by a lvl 2 “road” car (Audi) that was 50-100 meters behind all time.
Either cheating or just stupidly unbalanced game.
The Challenge is not with the other players. The challenge is to know which cars to avoid at all costs (that can be a lvl 2, 6 or 7 or 8) - and better stick with e.g. lvl 1, 4 or 5 car instead.

Maybe the player cap should increase or the circle sizes reduced accordingly to how many players start the game. As I think the area is too large for 50 odd players which is the biggest player count I’ve encountered.

Still doesn’t explain how the final area you still dont see any one else even though the size of it you would expect to see at least 1 other. And during the final drive to the finish you still dont see any player markers on the map, considering you are all heading in the same direction seems impossible to not see at least 1 player on the mini map.

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I thought so too… smaller circles would be more fun… but then we never saw 50 players yet actually playing… 50-100% are invisible.

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This time I saw players but most cannot be challenged. Suddenly some can… so its pure random and luck when and who u can challenge. They should call it the magic Gamblingator. Maybe start the round with a Wheelspin to determine what it will be:

a) no players visible at all
b) very few players visible
c) more players visible, but most cannot be challenged
d) more players, and most can be challenged
e) you get Lvl 6 car Penhall The Cholla and are doomed to get stuck once you hit a random tiny branch on the ground (a twig as small that a young kid will hardly notice it passing over on a bike).
But this buggy will not be able to pass that “obstacle” and move backwards instead of forward. (completely unbalanced behavior / physics for that car). Especially considering it should be a “buggy” like vehicle for offroad.


I’m glad someone else pointed this out. The Penhall should be a decent car and it constantly gets suck and can’t move. I thought this was maybe just my game, but I’ve experienced this multiple times now. I avoid this car whenever I see it available because its a liability.

Any feedback on this from the developers? Are they already working on it / at least trying to fix this? Timelines ?


The problem is that a lot of these issues were already in FH4 and I think they never got fixed there.
I really hope they get to fixing it, but I won’t be surprised if eliminator stays the way it is now

18 drivers left. Doesn’t look as though any of us can challenge the others. Just waiting for people to get bored and numbers to reduce to final race levels. This is the game the developers love and it’s still broken trash. Good work guys.