The “did i deserve that penalty” thread

I definitely did try to find my spot for the overtake, he moved to the right at the last second to block me, and then proceeded to try and drive me into the wall.

He was on inside line, i moved to the outside at least two car widths.

How a normal driver reacts when a much faster car is making a move to pass on banking, otherwise youre just going to cause an accident.

Alright i got two more again from the same race.

For this first one my reasoning for believing i didnt deserve such a harsh penalty is because the person i rear ended wasnt negatively effected by my hit whatsoever.

This whole accident was caused by the guy in front of the person i hit, being completely out of shape and causing everyone to brake on turn exit which caused a huge multi car accident.

Did i deserve this penalty?
  • Yes
  • Yes but less then 4.00 seconds
  • No
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This next one i actually didnt get a penalty which i believe was the right call. My reasoning is that the person i was battling with was completely out of shape and drove right into my line. If you pause the video right before i make contact with him, you will see that he was going to go to the right and crash even if i didnt hit him. hes facing 90 degrees in the wrong direction. I assume he felt me about to pass so he hit the gas and just oversteered right into me.

Right before impact

Did i deserve a penalty?
  • You got away with one there
  • No penalty was the right call
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Clip 1 looks hard to avoid. The blue car ahead seems to have a weird line, so maybe them, they might be at fault for the whole incident. The grey car directly behind though doesn’t seem to have much space or time to avoid the collision, and with all the cars being so close it just turns into a pile up.

Clip 2. First contact is just a bit of close racing. Second contact, I’m surprised you didn’t get a penalty, but I’m not entirely convinced that it isn’t the right call either. There was already one contact, so both of you know you’re pretty close. I don’t think the grey car’s move is particularly egregious, it looks like they might be trying to follow the game’s racing line, and it doesn’t look like the move was so sudden and impredictible that you couldn’t have avoided the hit. So either you’re at fault (you’re behind, with more visibility and more control over the situation) or it’s a case of close racing leading to unfortunate contact.

I suppose going for benefit of the doubt, it was the right call.

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I feel like the game gave me a break for the first one hahaha.

I got a half second penalty.

Was I in the wrong, or was the AI?

  • Me
  • AI
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Its a tough call. you were going very very slow so the AI might not have had time to react. I think you did cause the accident but the AI still coulda avoided it. Hard to tell cuz we cant see their perspective.

Only reason i think you wouldnt deserve a penalty was cuz the AI didnt really lose any positions, and you had already lost several which is why i think the penalty was uncalled for. You got penalized enough already with the spin.

My vote would be for no penalty either way.

You don’t deserve the penalty, and the one who hit you don’t deserve it too.

But the accident is your fault, you turned too much soon(or too much oversteer) on that corner and i don’t see how you would have take it with that trajectory, so you closed the room to others

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My thoughts exactly

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or maybe someone was invisible
the hit the person took looks like an head-on hit
i think his rear would not spin out like that if he got hit on the rear-right

Im not sure lag could be the culprit cuz it was a freeplay race

Maybe the line was a little iffy, but I wouldn’t trust the AI to not rear-end players even with a perfect line.

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Hurry up and upload a crash or cut already Adam :crossed_fingers: