TH8A Shifter stopped working recently

I have been using a TX Wheel with a TH8A Shifter on my Xbox with every Forza game since getting it when Forza 6 was released.

I haven’t played any Forza game for about 4 months and have tried to play some Forza 7 yesterday and all of a sudden my shifter is not being recognised at all.
I have tested FH4 as well and it’s not working on it either.

When plugged into a PC it is detected and shows it working.

I’m thinking maybe an Xbox system updated has broken it, have seen some smattering of complaints in the past few months also

Can anyone else with this same combo of wheel and shifter please load up a Forza game and tell me that’s it is actually still working as of right now? Would be really appreciated?

If it is still working for others maybe my shifter is on the way out.

Thanks in advance.