Th8a shifter problems

I have just started playing Forza 5 with the Thrustmaster TX wheel and TH8a shifter and both do have all the latest firmware.

The shifter will work for a few minutes in a race and then it will start skipping shifts or the shifter will be in 4th gear but the game will show 2 nd gear. If i unplug the shifter and use the paddles on the wheel the shifts are perfect but if I plug the TH8a back in and use the paddles even they start skipping shifts and acting weird.

When I hook my wheel and shifter to my PC to test them all the features work and the calibration seems fine. Not sure if this is a thrustmaster issue or a conflict with the game. Just curious if anyone is having the same problem. This also happens on Forza Horizon 2. I have contacted Thrustmaster but have not gotten a reply yet. If anyone has any tips or suggestions I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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Same thing just started happening to me only with 4th gear shifting into 2nd re downloaded firmware still same problem. Works fine on pc think it’s a Forza problem. You find a solution yet?

Sorry for the delay on the reply I hadn’t checked this forum in a while. I contacted Thrustmaster and they sent me a new DIN cable first and this did not fix the problem. Then they sent me a brand new TH8a shifter and this did not fix it either. My shifter also works perfect on the pc. I have logged lots of hours on the PC and never had one issue.

It seems like the problem is with the connection of the DIN connector to the TX 458. When I play forza 5 and Horizon I have noticed that the shifts will be fine for a while but when there are heavy wheel vibrations I noticed thats when the shifts start missing. I think the actual problem is with the wiring inside the wheel to the DIN connector or the connector itself. Its almost like the vibrations are making something short out. I wish we could connect the shifter to the USB ports on the xbox one. If its not the connection then I think your right it might be an issue with the game.

I will say Thrustmasters support was great they sent Me the new shifter and had me mail mine back to them. They covered all shipping too.

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I just received my TH8A today and I’m having the exact same issue. The shifter randomly switches from 4th to 2nd gear, acceleration and braking will intermittently cut out, and it all seems to be related to vibration in the wheel. I tried Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 and the issue persisted in both. I then switched to iRacing and didn’t have a single problem, so I agree with you 100% that this is due to a faulty connection with the DIN connector inside the wheel (it even causes my pedals to flake out).

Did you just contact Thrustmaster through their site?

i am having the same problems and more , if i shift to 2 it will go r and some tims 6 .
it worked for 3 days untill yesterday ( tody is the 4th day from when i got it ) it is brand new !!
any one can help pleas

HAL20XX…I contacted Thrustmaster by phone. If you are in the US this is the number 1-866-889-5036.

I gave up on using the shifter in both Forza games and now just use it on the PC. I am curious to hear what they will tell you. I would not let them send you anything new for the shifter. It is definitely a problem with the wheel connection.

I am having the same issue with my shifter except that shifter doesnt work at all with my tx wheel or my t300rs. I was playing FORZA 5 a while back and it kept randomly saying controller disconnected. It eventually ruined my TX wheel that I had to send in for repairs. Got the wheel base back from repair, went to play some forza and my shifter was not working. I then tried it on my PS with driveclub in sequential mode and nothing worked. The shifter does work for the PS3 and PC but not for the consoles when plugged into the wheel base. They sent me a new DIN to DIN cable, still doesnt work. I am waiting for a reply from thrustmaster support. I might have to send in both my wheel bases. **[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - fyerball ]**Has anyone on here found a solution yet??

Glad I read this post. I was thinking about shelling out $180 CAD to get the TH8A. Guess I’ll pass now if it doesn’t work properly with Forza. Only game I have that it would work with is Project Cars.

I have 2 shifters that I will be returning to amazon if I can’t get either one working by tomorrow. And then I will try another shifter, and another, until they send me a shifter that works. I have had 2 x boxes, 6 pairs of earphones and my stock tx rim go bad I bought a second xbox, a add on rim since the stock one shorts out. Pro pedals for the shifter. And a playseat. I made the mistake of buying a Logitech wheel and didn’t realize I needed an expensive adapter that wound costing more than a tx wheel. And it didn’t work very well, so they just sit in the closet. I think I will stick with thrustmaster products, but iam thinking I may have been better off with a pc and iracing. I pre ordered forza 6 and hoping that I can get this working like it should. Right now iam feeling that I have bought an expensive headache.

So a question for shifter users if someone could please answer. If you have the shifter connected to the wheel can you use either the shifter or wheel mounted paddles to shift? So if you set it to manual with clutch I would assume you’d use the shifter and clutch. If you set it to manual with no clutch (semi-auto) can you use the paddles with no clutch with the shifter still plugged in?

It seems like a hassle if you need to disconnect the shifter to use paddles especially on the Logitech G920 as the plug is recessed on the bottom of the base and you’d have to remove the base from what it is mounted to.

skunkworks, I can only speak of the g27 wheel. you have to get a maxxrace adapter to run it with x box forza 5. but yes you can use the paddle shifters at any setting. however the adapter is pretty complicated. it didn’t work very well for me, I had to put it in the closet. and bought a thrustmaster, and with the tx wheel you can use either paddles or stick as well or both together also.


So I don’t know how I missed this thread…cause I was all over the net looking for someone with similar problems. Mine does exactly the same…on all of my Xbox games (FM6, FH2, FH3 and Assetto). Must say I never had any issues on FM5…which I played for about 6months. I had a custom made rig and bought a Playseat and then problems started. I even thought maybe it was the new rig being static because of the phantom shifts I was encountering(with the TH8A being all metal). My friend tested my shifter on his rig and PS4 (Assetto) and no issues at all, which tells me it is a XBone issue, So the million dollar question is did any of you get a fix/work-around? If not I’m selling my TX and reverting to PS4 again…o Forza I will miss you so :frowning:


I wanted to ask if Thrustmaster support helped you with this? Do you still have those problems?

I have the same issue while drifting. I bought TX Servo Base, Spraco R383 Rally wheel, Thrustmaster shifter, handbrake and I have T3PA pedals. It is difficult to play Forza Horizon 4 and Car X. During the the game my wheel goes to menu by itself, changes gears from time, enables some activities when I pass them by in the game, enables chat by itself… it is insane!!!

When I unplug the shifter I have the same issues so I decided to buy a second servo TX and Sparco R383 wheel and I have same problems. Second set, completely new and same thing. Thrustmaster support is not doing anything to help. I ship back the second set becasue I can send it back within 2 weeks and probably selling the whole set.

Goodbye Froza Horizon 4. It is not fair because of sh**** wheel we can not enjoy our favourite games :frowning:

PS. I do not have those problems in Assetto Corsa. The only thing is that when I turn on the game, from time to time, the game does not see the shifter at the beginning. When I enter control settings in the game in Content Manager, everything starts to work and I can play for many hours without any problems.