Wheels - Logitech G29 shifter not detected

Is anyone else experiencing an issue on the Xbox One version where the Logitech G29 shifter is simply not being detected?

For perspective, it works with no issue in Motorsport 6 for me. But ever since the release of the April Xbox update, the shifter no longer works with FH4 and the game does not recognize any gear shifts with it.

I already submitted a ticket to Forza Support, but the issue was deemed fixed with no other communication beyond that.

As of today, my G920 shifter is still not recognized in FH4.

Does anyone else have any advice or feedback for someone at this point?

I’ve already exhausted all other possible options and I don’t know where else to turn.

Logitech shifter working in FH5 but has stopped working in both FH4 and Motorsport 7.

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Thank god I thought I was the only one. Yes after the April update on my Xbox my shifter no longer works with Forza 7 or horizon 4. I called MS support but no real help. They told me to contact Logitech. My shifter was working fine until the April update.

This issue should be under fh4 and Forza 7 not fh5

I’m tempted to wonder why Motorsport 6 specifically is the game with which it still works; at least for me.

It seems rather strange that an entire update can magically turn off a peripheral’s functionality.

This can logically only be a glitch. Again, I don’t think anything’s wrong with your device if other games still detect it.

It doesn’t seem right for people to suddenly find that the equipment they paid a premium for to not just improve their immersion but perhaps their real life driving as well no longer works.

I strongly implore Playground to look into this urgently. Many other users think something’s wrong with their equipment.

People are being told on the Microsoft forums that shifters are not compatible with Horizon, and that is simply false. The April Xbox update was truly flawed, and I’d like to amplify the point that addressing it would be the best move.

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My son has the same issue been going mental for last 2 weeks that it’s not working on forza horizon 4 or forza motorsport 7😡

Is there any update to this issue :rage:

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I agree fully that this is rather frustrating.

It has been a couple weeks since I have made this post and the issue has still not been fixed.

The shifter does not work in either Horizon 2 or 3 either; in these games, the driver’s hands don’t move for me.

A note was added to the May update bulletin stating that force feedback issues were fixed, but the shifter dilemma is still unresolved.

Microsoft/Playground/mods, I ask again:

Could you please investigate the last two Xbox updates for the cause of this issue? It seems rather baffling that the shifter will work in Motorsport 6 but none of the Horizon games.

I’m evidently not the only person with this issue.

Currently having the same issue, seems to be working in fh5 but not 4 or 3. I even had the shifter swapper over because i thought that was the problem but clearly not.

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Hey yall. Not sure if anyone still looking at this thread but figured id put in my two cents.

The shifter worked for quite a while and as of recent decided to give up on FH4 and FM7. Thought initially it was poo hardware, however it still worked playing every other game.

As of right now I have been playing with the Xbox one set to offline and have had perfect success with the shifter working. If you are a casual gamer like me this is fine as i dont have any intent to compete online.

I can go in mid race and swap from offline to online and sadly watch the shifter go from working to not working. This works for me so curious if anyone else wants to give that a try and see. Its not a perfect solution but its good enough for me.


If you have these games, how does the shifter work with Forza Horizon 2 & 3?

I tried your method with FH4 but had no luck in getting it to work.

Can Playground and Microsoft please fix this problem?

It’s persisted for almost two months now. How else can this be brought to your(Microsoft/PG) attention?

Tried this in FH 3&4 no luck was hoping this would work. This needs to get solved asap!

Try getting into the car then unplugging the wheel from the Xbox and then reconnecting it - this works for me.

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See on mine games my clutch pedals not being recognized on horizon 5 my shifter not being recognized on fm7

My shifter was working for a little bit. Downloaded update and poof, shifter no longer works

I’m happy to report that that this glitch seems to have been fixed for FH4 on Xbox One.

My shifter is currently fully functional for FH4 again!

Thanks to Playground and Microsoft!

It’s working again with the June update. Now please don’t break it with next month update :slight_smile:

Well it has been working for a few days under specific conditions. When I start FH4 or M7 with both wheel and game pad turned on and the Logitech shifter it works. When I start without the game pad on my shifter is dead.

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I have this problem,probably had it in May to ,but as my clutch hasn’t worked since some time near launch,i don’t bother trying manual very often,so haven’t noticed.
Checking this has just shown up another monstrosity in the programming department. Trying to change my paddles from gear duty to something else to try and force shifter usage i was allowed to do this - not only do it,but save it too :disappointed: