Logitech G Shifter not being detected on Xbox One

I want to bring attention to a problem that seems to be affecting multiple users.

After the release of the April Xbox update, no Xbox One Forza Horizon game has been able to detect the presence of an H pattern shifter.

When I attempt to shift gears with it, nothing happens in game.

It still works perfectly in Forza Motorsport 6 and worked with every Horizon game until that system update released.

It’s almost June, and the bug has still not been fixed. I’ve contacted Forza Support, cleaned, configured, and unplugged everything. No method has succeeded.

I’d like to call on Playground and Microsoft to investigate this matter.

Many users specifically purchased these peripherals to take full advantage of Horizon’s ability to recreate the driving experience, but their almost $100 equipment is not functioning with these games correctly.

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This issue still has not been fixed after persisting for two months.

Can we please receive some updates on a timetable for its resolution? How much longer will the game have this bug?

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I’ve had the same issue, Forza horizon 5 I can use my shifter just fine but I have been unable to use it in forza horizon 4

H shifter not supported on Xbox .Look in settings go to difficulty scroll down to shifting this is where h pattern should be if supported all the options are automatic,manual,manual w/clutch
and tbf they have updated steering lock ,steering speed sensitivity which was badly needed it’s frustrating I have h pattern shifter which I can’t bind to anything.

Still not fixed cant play any forza game lmk if this gets figured out