Logitech gear shifter not working with g920 wheel

Can anyone help? I bought my son the Logitech g920 wheel and pedals, which work fine. We added the Logitech gear shifter, plugged it all in. Have rebooted, pressed 3 buttons on the wheel whilst unplugging the usb and reinserting, etc. It just doesn’t register that it’s plugged in. Have gone into difficulty settings (forza horizon 4 on Xbox x) and chosen ‘manual with clutch’ yet when configuring there’s no obvious option to use this as the gear shift method. The paddles work with the clutch, but not the gear stick. Any ideas please? Thanks

Hello, the same thing happened to me and I wanted to know if you managed to solve it, my gear stick works on the forza motorsport 7 but not on the horizon 4

This issue first appeared for me right after the April Xbox update this year and it has still not been fixed.

It still works for Motorsport 6 and worked just fine with FH2-4 until this update got released.

I already filed a support ticket, and it was marked as fixed days later.

No, my shifter is still not being detected by any Horizon game.

I wish Microsoft and Playground would conduct a full investigation into this matter.

It’s so frustrating. People spent almost $100 on this equipment for a better Horizon experience and are now unable to use it because of such a critical programming error.