T3PA pedals

Anyone using the T3PA pedals? I see that it has the conical brake mod for the brake pedal and I’ve heard that mod gives the brake pedal a much better feel than the default TX brake. What about the gas pedal? Does that feel at all different or better than the default TX gas pedal?

Gas pedal is way more sensitive. Not nearly as stiff as the stock gas pedal. Overall, these are way better than the cheap stock pedals. Buy these now.

I’ve somehow swapped the gas and clutch pedals on my T3PA!! I’ve tried almost everything to get them back - unplugging, connecting to PC etc. There’s nothing in the manual. How do I get them back to the correct way!??! I feel like there must be some hidden button sequence for people that want to mount them upside down and I’ve accidentally triggered it.

BTW The conical rubber brake on the T3PA makes them worth the money alone - dramatically better than the stock pedals. (as long as you can bolt them securely)

You can swap them by using the mode button on the wheel base. Just hold the mode button for 2 seconds and they should swap back to normal.

I’m waiting on Xmas to get this set for the exact reason of switching the clutch and gas pedal because I’m a left footed driver and I want the conical brake mod. Can’t wait