TURN 10 - Please patch Thrustmaster TX day one release, thanks...

TURN 10, I tested my Thrustmaster TX on the Horizon 3 demo. I have the T3PA-PRO ADD-ON which has my clutch on the left, brake in the middle and gas on the right just like a normal Vehicle. As of now, my clutch peddle is my gas peddle. My Gas peddle is my E-Brake, the Brake in the middle works fine.

Now I would not have requested a patch but this issue is also prevalent on the latest Forza APEX version and I have a feeling it will still be a issue when I buy the retail version. Please keep me informed, thanks.

I wrote on the other thread where you posted this, so ill just put it here as well. It sounds like your pedal mode is wrong. Hold the mode button to either make it green or if its green make it red. If this doesnt work unplug the pedals than plug them back in again.

Another thing it could be is maybe you changed your control settings ie switch clutch w/handbrake or your using the wrong wheel preset you should use #1. If that doesnt work somethings wrong with your wheel because i have the same wheel and pedal setup and it works fine on apex as well as horizon 3. My pedals are inverted so the mode light is green, if youre using the f1 setup the mode button should be red.

im2fast4u711; thanks for the response…

My mode button was green so I was able to change the mode to red by hitting the mode button and pressing the pedal, was not aware that I could actually change these modes for the pedals. I know how to change my Rotation angle and sensitivity but thank you and hopefully this thread helps anyone else that gets stuck.

No prob