Thrustmaster T3PA pedals issue with FM6 Demo

My clutch and gas pedals are reversed when playing the FM6 Demo… And… There doesn’t seem to be a way to reverse them in Wheel Setup.

Anyone else with this issue?

Will this be fixed in final release?

It would stink to have to connect to a PC to remap the pedals each time I switch from FM5 or Horizon 2 to FM6…

Please help!


Hmm strange, I have them as well (TX Wheel 458 Italia Edition + T3PA + TH8A) and for me the pedal assignment is fine. But it happened once the gas pedal didn’t work and the A-button (Horizon 2) which was solved (for now) with a full reboot of the XBox One.

Very weird… I have the TX with T3PA pedals as well, everything is working as it should. Hopefully its just a glitch with your demo

Have you updated all your firmware? I’m running the TX and T3PA pedal on the game and it has been fine so far

Just hold mode on the wheel base until the color on the light changes.

Hold the mode button until the color on the light changes.

push the mode button on the base, its on the left side, the light will either green or red. it switches the pedals for different cars and countries.

No problem with my pedals

There should be a light on your lower right side of the base. If set correctly it will be solid red or flashing red for auto clutch. If it’s green I believe it switches the pedals perhaps for inverting them upside down as there are some kits out there that do that. I guess the brake would probably feel better bu not sure I would like the gas pedal that way. Anyway, if it’s flashing green I believe you hold the mode button for a few seconds but not sure. If it’s right it will switch the light from red to green and back. Mine has been packed for awhile because I now use Fanatec and trying to do this from memory so it may be wrong.


What an awesome series of responses… Great forum community!

I had noticed the mode light was green but didn’t realize that was an indication of inversion… My petals sit flat, so that is likely my problem…

Good to know the setup still works in FM6.

I’ll try it out this evening…

Thanks Everyone!

Holding the mode button till it turned red (instead of green) fixed the pedal reversal…

loving FM6!

Thanks again!