Syncing Data

Its being saying this for 2hours plus! Xbox support said speak to turn 10 but thats no good, any ideas? I’ve re installed game removed and re added profile and various other things. All this down to the expansion pack ruining my game save for my paints on cars and in catalog and other things.

Puts me off forza big time…

I had the same issue when trying to get a refund for Halo, the person on support told me to remove/redownload my profile for some reason. Anyway removing my profile caused my Forza Horizon 2 sync to take upto 5 hours. Some peoples syncs can take all night.

Just wait the sync out, do not cancel it or exit.

Eventually got it working and got all my paints etc back. Took forever, broke a controller in the mean time though :confused:

Don’t get paid till new year either :frowning:


Just saw you got this working again, did you just wait the sync out?

I seem to have lost all my progress in the game including cars & money, the game will not sync my data & just loads a new game. Tried new profile & uninstalling reinstalling but nothing works. Bought Storm Island but can’t play it driving me mad. Help please.

Both horizon 2 and forza 5 presented me with sync data screen today, both took an hour each to complete and then it made me start the game all over, I am very upset and disappointed with turn 10 right now. And I have tried MULTIPLE ways to fix this and none are working. I’m glad I had all the time and all the cars and money and now it’s all gone… Merry Xmas to you to turn 10