"Syncing data for Forza Motorsport 5"

Since last nights Xbox live service problems (7-21-15) every time I load up forza it says “Syncing data for Forza Motorsport 5” even now after the Xbox live problems have been fixed, so I wait for it to sync like it says then before it finishes it will pop up and say “We couldn’t sync your data with the cloud just now” and it also says at the same time to “Try syncing again or use this game or app offline” … Any ideas of how I can fix this issue and get back to racing?

This issue happens for me from time to time. Its nothing to worry about. Click on “Use Offline” this option will tell the Xbox to use the local save data. That is all its doing. You will still be able to access all the online content while playing. Eventually the Xbox will sync with the cloud and update your cloud save to the most recent save data stored on the XB1.

I just try to resync over and over until it does.

That’s what I did too. I lost hours and hours and hours of gameplay from Marvel Legos, so I went into settings to delete the local save games. Now I have to sync to get my cloud saves back (Otherwise it started a new game). I had to choose “Sync again” around 10 or 12 times to get it to finish pulling down all of my FM5 data, but it did finally finish. Only took 15 minutes or so.

OP, delete your Local Saved Games, launch FM5 and just let it sync… it might take a few hours, just don’t press cancel. If it eventually says “failed to sync”, just give it another go. It should work eventually.

I haven’t been able to play either FH2 or FM5 since July 15. After many MANY re-sync attempts (and just as many receiving the message “We were unable to sync your data with the cloud just now”), it FINALLY synced today. It’s not a perfect sync, since all my cars and credits are gone, but my import user-created files are still there, i.e. all my liveries and all my vinyl groups.

I hope you manage to get your game save synced eventually.

My house was recently broken into and my xbone was stolen. I just bought a new one and now im stuck with this. Ive tried several times and it takes it hours to tell me it didn’t sync…frustrating as hell… ive had my new xbox for 3 days now and still haven’t played a single game because of download times and now sync issues…

Edit: Gotta try the clear local saves thing, maybe that’ll help.

In my experience, it can take as much as almost 24 hours to sync one time - and it doesn’t guarantee a successful sync. If it says that it’s not successful, just keep re-trying. Whatever you do, just keep trying and never interrupt a sync.
Also, Internet speed doesn’t seem to be much of a factor when syncing. I have 250MBit/s down and 100MBit/s up, and it still could take almost 24 hours for one sync attempt.

Yep. Definitely optimizations needed on T10’s part.

I’d advise everyone not to clear Local Saved Games as it has no impact whatsoever on your X1’s operation or game performance in general. Only do it if/when your selling your console.

The syncing process is just painful so to speak. Went through it once; wouldn’t want to be in this situations twice.

Finally after 2 days of restarting, it finally synced. Jeez I was ready to just give up. Thanks for the tips guys, yall were right, persistence is key.

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