sync problems with new XOne

Hi, I got a new XOne because my old one had some problems and now I tried to sync my FM5 data but then comes the message:
“Your most recently saved data could not be retrieved.”
“Try syncing again or use this game or app offline.”
I’ve been trying to sync it for about 2 hours but the message appears again and again! :frowning:
Any ideas?

Clear Local Saved Games… this will get FM5 to sync from square one. DO NOT cancel the sync and just let it sync. It may sit there for an hour or three hours. Just wait and let it finish syncing.

Things should be back to normal.

Only downside: you’ll also have to re-sync other games, but none of them should take as long as Forza does.

GTA 5 and Worms need just a few seconds to sync but no chance with Forza 5 and I lost my game save after that sync problems today.
Today I ask the Microsoft-support and they told me, that the have problems with their servers because of the launch of Windows10!
Hope I will have more luck with the FH2 sync next week. :slight_smile:

Yeah, good luck with all that!

With the launch of Win 10 AND Forza 6… you can expect to run into syncing problems or Forza Hub/Rewards not working properly. On the same boat here.

Sheesh. facepalm

Forza 5 finally worked last week.

Now I try it again and again with Forza Horizon 2, but unfortunately still not had any luck.

Hopefully they can fix this sync problems someday…

^^ Yeah… “some day”.

Michael Learns to Rock - “Someday”

Finally FH2 worked too, but I have lost the Duracell DLC. The game shows 4,99€ although I have the pack installed on my hard drive…

Now I must hope that the Micro$oft-support can help! :slight_smile:

Oh yah… that definitely looks like a server issue. I’m sure they have their hands full at the moment… though a fix will come out eventually. It has to!