Steering Wheels Supported

So after buying the game I thought I should buy a steering wheel to improve my experience with the game. So as I’m in a budget and don’t want to spend above 65 Euros for a steering wheel I was wondering if any of you are playing the game with the following wheels. I am aware that these wheels are not of the best quality but as long as they work with the game it will be better that nothing.

Esperanza Steering Wheel EGW102

Tracer Drifter

Spirit of Gamer R-Ace Wheel Pro

Acme Rs Racing Wheel

Tracer Steering Wheel Tracer Zonda

I’m a wheel user, my honest suggestion would be to save your money up and buy either a Logitech g920 or a Thrustmaster tmx pro. A non force feedback wheel just isn’t worth it.

The Logitech g920 is currently around £160 on Amazon.

The Thrustmaster tmx is currently around £240. Make sure you look toward the version of the tmx that includes the T3PA pedal set.

I can’t in good faith, recommend any wheel that is below those 2 at the lower end if the scale. They might be more expensive, but it is worth it to save up for one of them.

I have a g920 and a thrustmaster T300RS.

I enjoy my Thrustmaster TX.

Honestly, I wouldn’t bother for this game, the game is frustrating on a wheel and so far they’ve shown no signs of investigating or fixing it. Save your money and play on a controller.

Agreed this games wheel support is trash compared to fm7. Controllers are king in fh4

My T300RS is working great with FH4, having quite a lot of fun racing and drifting with it. It even feels good at 1080° of wheel rotation.

Can you share some settings I can try on the TX? I was experimenting last night with the wheel and was surprised at how good it felt after playing alot of FM7. I have it pretty close but would like to try some other options.

G920…getting kicked from online races for “Inactivity” while driving in free roam race. GJ Microsoft…so much for online racing phew!

So what do you do when the warning comes up
Just ignore it lol

Its already hard to drive on wheel and than i have to press enter and window pops up and press enter again that window closes and than bam into a tree… realy nice indeed. and this can hapen like 3 times in a single race. its stupid.

I save the wheel for FM and F1, I play horizon for the chaos while sitting back on the couch with a controller. I don’t think the mechanics in horizon are all that much better then GTAV TBH.

I had given up on the wheel after launch having tried their recommended settings because they felt pretty terrible. Tried again a couple days ago and spent some time tweaking the settings and I’ve got it to the point that I can’t believe how awesome it is on the TX. I spent almost 4 hours playing last night banging out seasonal events. I haven’t played that much in months. Even the muscle car event in the snow was not just fun but fairly easy with the wheel. I never thought I’d be saying this and I just assumed the wheel with this game was a lost cause. I’d say to TX and TMX owners do a little experimenting with the FFB settings.

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did you want to share your settings as it may help a few people here
might help me too since i’m about to get a new wheel also, most likely a TMX Pro

Sure thing…

Normal steering mode. Not sim.
All dead zones 0 & 100.
Steering linearity- 50
Vibration- 15 but turned off at basic menu. Crucial for off-road.
FFB Scale- 55
Center Spring- 40
Wheel Damper- 40
FFB understeer- 50
FFB Min Force- 65
Wheel Rotation- 540… Also tried 720, I prefer 540.

I like strong FFB so maybe roll off a little FFB scale if it’s too strong. Also I’ve turned off vibration lately at the first settings menu. Definitely helps for off-road but I prefer it all around now.

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Will give them a go
Currently have a mad catz pro wheel but it just has never felt right…crunchy gear driven and just suddenly pulls sideways

Yea the TMX will be a huge upgrade. Be sure to check out FM7 with it too. There’s some amazing FFB for the Thrustmaster wheels currently in that game. Hopefully they don’t break it while trying to fix whatever is going on with the other wheels that aren’t cooperating.

The list of supported wheels, as well as important setup and tuning advice, can be found here in the FH4 Wheel User’s Guide.

Everyone with a wheel should give this guide a read to help get the most out of their experience.

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