Logitech G920 or other steering wheel

I consider to buy the Logitech G920. Did not work well with Forza Horizon 4. But Forza Horizon 5 promises a better handling. Can anyone share his experience with the Logitech G920 or maybe suggest another steering wheel that does his job well?

Well, they somehow made wheel support worse. At the moment virtually no wheels work, So I would wait for now

It works a bit. Tested the G920 for few minutes. FFB feels better. But yeah its not complete 2 Buttons not working and there is no slider to change steering angle.
For low budget and cheap on ebay yeah but u get stronger ffb with Thrustmasters (same prices) or waiting for new Fanatec entry level directdrive starting at 349€. The G920 for regular 299€ is not worth

But yeah Horizon Series is made for Controllers :wink: There is better stuff for Wheels

okay. thanks for the replies. so i have to wait for now