Steering wheel tape/markers

I’m probably going to make myself look like an idiot here for asking a obvious question but i honestly don’t know what its for,my question is i sometimes see tape or a marker on the steering wheel at the top and it indicates when the wheel is in a straight line position,i mainly see it on rally type cars and some sports and hypers,whats it for ???

i guess t could indicate how much opposite lock you have during a rally race which would be usefull durng rally racing

The high visibility marker is used in a variety of contexts and motor sports. It can alert to a loss of alignment following a clip, mark the straight ahead orientation of wheels at a pit stop, be used as a helper in hitting precise steering angles, and also as a guide for quickly centering the wheel. Plus it looks cool.


ahh wow i didnt realise it had so many applications,and yes it does look cool,thanks for replying and enlightening me.

Great post and some very intelligent responses!

Good to know. Enjoyed reading through it.