Multilayer Question

Hi guys, got a quick question about online Multilayer. Sometimes when in the lobby, in the status column, next to people’s names, sometimes you see a little eye symbol. It’s right next to the microphone sign. Then sometimes it changes to a wheel, im assuming the wheel means the person is using a steering wheel as opposed to a controller? But the eye symbol confuses me, not sure what it means.

If anyone’s still not sure what I’m talking about,then is it possible to upload a picture? This is my first forum post

i think it means spectating

When you join a lobby you have ‘nothing’…

When entering spectating mode, an EYE is shown next to your name.

When you are actually racing you have the STEERING WHEEL. (It has nothing to do with the input - controller or wheel).

The people racing but already finished the race have a RACING FLAG.

This is correct

I don’t think that’s the case. Because I also see the sign after we’ve finished the race. When everyone is in the lobby. So no is spectating…

If there is no race currently in progress, the eye means the person has marked themselves to be a specator for the soon-to-begin race.

Press Y the next time you are in a lobby and look at your name in the list (then press Y again unless you want to spectate the race).

In private lobby’s you will also see a square with a tick in it, this means the person has marked themselves as ready. Private lobbies dont auto start races like public ones do after 45 seconds, private ones only start when the host chooses to start them and if a player does not mark themselves as ready before this they won’t be in the soon-to-begin race.

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That is definately the case.They are spectating

You can swap to spectating mode before a race starts, when the race starts it will load with everyone else.

Understood. Thank you everyone for clearing that up for me

Okay so it should be “MultiPlayer” not “MultiLayer”. Because I thought this was either about cake’s or one of my Ex-Girlfriends. Too early here sorry.