Spring #Forzathon Shop, Festival Playlist events and rewards through September 23


Starts September 16 at 7:30am Pacific
Ends September 23 at 7:30am Pacific

This is the fourth and closing season of Series 39.

NEW BACKSTAGE: 2018 McLaren 600LT Coupe (Exclusive model)

BARN FIND RUMOR: (Spoiler - repeat Spring find)



  • Clothing: Abstract Hoodie
  • 10,000 Credits
  • 25,000 Credits
  • Clothing: Pelican Tee
  • 2012 Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione
  • Clothing: Monster Energy Cap
  • 2007 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Forza Edition


  • 599 FP Car: 2017 Formula Drift #117 599 GTB Fiorano (Exclusive model)
  • 250 FP Car: 1995 Nissan NISMO GT-R LM Forza Edition (Exclusive model)
  • Clothing: Golden Brogues
  • Car Horn: In the Hall of the Mountain King
  • Wheelspins cost this series: 100 FP


  • 50% Spring Completion: Backstage Pass
  • 80% Spring Completion: 2017 Alpine A110 (Exclusive model)
  • 50% Series Completion: Backstage Pass - see how it works here
  • 80% Series Completion: 1960 Porsche 356 RSR from Emory Motorsport (Exclusive model)


##MILLINGAROUND: Take a photo of your Car with the Broadway Windmill.

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin
  • Share a scenic photo with the hashtag on social media for a chance for your photo to be featured by Forza.


Earn 100 FP from the weekly challenge plus 10 per Daily, plus Bonus for all, double for owning the Lake Lodge

Weekly Challenge: (15%)
Must be done in sequence to count.

  • Own and any Modern Sports Car
  • Earn 3 stars at the Moorhead Wind Farm Speed Trap in your Modern Sports Car
  • Earn an Airborne Pass Skill while racing your Modern Sports Car
  • Achieve 2 podium finishes in Road Racing Series events with your Modern Sports Car

Daily Challenges: (1% each)
Each challenge is open for 72 hours from 7:30am Pacific of the start day.

  • Earn 3 Great Wreckage Skills
  • Earn 2 Awesome Clean Racing Skills
  • Win 2 Road Sprint events
  • Combine Drift and Near Miss Skills to earn 3 Lucky Escape Skills
  • Earn 1 star or better in any Drift Zone
  • Earn 2 Ultimate Near Miss Skills
  • Earn 1 Awesome Drift or E-Drift Skill


The unique reward listed for seasonal championship events requires you to place 1st against at or above the Highly Skilled Drivatar difficulty setting; the Trial requires Unbeatable difficulty. As of Series 24 Playground Games rewards the car for all participants, win or lose.

The Trial Co-Op Championship: “Porsche Cup” | Road Racing | (100-998) Porsche

  • Reward: 2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo (Exclusive model)

Showcase Remix: “Taxi For Takeoff” | Austin Taxi vs Delta-Wing jet

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Seasonal Playground Games | Rail Yard | (A800) Retro Sports Cars

  • Reward: Dab Emote
  • As of Series 24 you don’t have to win the event to earn the reward.

PR Stunt: Hilltop Vista Danger Sign | 620.1 feet

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Hythe House Speed Trap | 195.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: The Bridge House Speed Zone | 110.0 mph

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

Championship: “Back to the 90s” | Street Scene | (S1 900) 1990s vehicles

  • Reward: 1995 Ferrari F50

Championship: “Holden to Your Hats” | Dirt Racing | (C600) Holden

  • Reward: 1988 Holden VL Commodore Group A SV (Exclusive model)

Championship: “Spring Developer Championship” | Dirt Racing | (A800) Offroad

  • Reward: 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (Exclusive model)


  • Monthly Rivals: 2008 Maserati MC12 Versione Corsa at the Greendale Club Circuit (Road Racing)
  • Online Adventure: (requires 1 Qualifying race to get ranked)
    Completing the monthly events applies their completion percentage to all four seasons in the Festival Playlist:
    6% for Monthly Rivals
    15% for Online Adventure Qualifying

I started with the weekly car because it has the Moorhead Wind Farm trap requirement. Here are the tunes I shared that I attained 3 stars with.

Morgan Aero - 260mph+
Lotus Exige - Wind Farm 240+
Toyota GT86 - Max 270mph
Porsche 19 911 Carrera - Max 270mph
TVR Griffith - Max 265mph

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112103357 - share code for Mazda MX-5 2016 for Moorhead Wind Farm trap (Maybe it will be useful for someone )

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Back and starting with the usual - the trial as road racing … Porsche cars ranging from D to S2 … and it was a worse bunch of rammers and wallriders I have met in a long time. Surely not deserved a win but anyway.
I got 4x win and 4:0 for team.
I took S2 998 Porsche 918 Spyder, tune - 119 834 274
or Porsche 911 GT2 RS '18, tune - 812 385 448
or Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion, tune - 157 916 201
or Porsche 911 GT3 RS PO, tune - 841 584 228

Solo Championships and starting with a fast one - street racing with S1 900 cars from 1990’s
Honda NSX-R, tune - 174 186 500
Ford Supervan 3, tune - 402 875 716
Alfa Romeo 155 Q4, tune - 175 030 235

Next to some “dirt” racing (felt more like cross country with very narrow gates, with A 800 offroaders
Ford F-150 Raptor, tune - 194 358 364
Ford Ranger Raptor, tune - 330 435 569
RAM Power Wagon, tune - 178 446 995

Finishing with slowest dirt racing, with C 600 cars from down under - Holden
Holden Torana, tune - 105 352 807
Holden Sandman HQ Panel Van, tune - 121 990 633

PR stunts and used Koenigsegg Agera RS, tune - 167 849 655 for danger sign and speed trap, used McLaren Senna, tune - 176 256 116 for speed zone.
Mosler MT900S, tune - 148 148 788, could also work for any of those.
Or Ferrari 599XX Evo, tune - 157 390 917, setup for tarmac.

Weekly Forzathon car is one of modern sports cars and since we already had this speed trap requirement in them, I’ll just reuse known cars:
Morgan Aero Supersports, tune - 135 843 167 (I was clocked at 396 km/h on first run) or just fully upgrade TVR Griffith, rest I’m doing with A 800 Lotus Exige, tune - 740 641 791, or Eagle Speedster, tune - 173 077 797
Easiest place I can get airborn pass skills is at Mudkickers 4x4.

Finishing pic:

Hope this is of any help to someone, take care everyone and as always … have fun :), bb


This week’s trial is for Porsches, over a range of PI values, PI 100-998. I’ve never seen a range on these races before. How does that work? Suppose I I show up with a stock 356A speedster, PI 185, and everybody else is driving an S2, what’s the point? Can someone explain this for me, please?

I hear you, it is a rather stupid concept.

Then again i suppose it would work out for teams of 6 that do it and if one or 2 go in as lower whilst rest go higher the odds are better.

Still, it’s stupid, as you get idiots who go the highest then ram and bash their way through the lower classes at the beginning just to get to the front quicker. I mean it’s not like an A class car is going to beat an S2 class car…oh and then the “catch me if you can” messages from the S2 drivers, i mean seriously? are they that stupid that they think an A class car can in any way beat them to the finish line.

I won’t be doing much, if any at all (after completing it) of the Trial this week i think.

It threw me as well. I ended up using an S1 900 something or other, I forget as the names are similar and I’m no Porsche buff. I think three team mates had S2 998 cars and just bashed and rammed their way through the races, mostly bashing and ramming me in fact, because despite the lower class of car I was mostly faster than them due to their poor driving. Anyway we won but is this fun? No. Just did it for some more backstage ticket things.

One can only hope the AI is dramatically improved too, they also bashed and slammed their way through as well as warp speeding etc. - it’s incredible how bad it is and someone involved with overseeing this project signed off on it as being acceptable.


Idk who made the off-road courses for this week but they need to be making all the horizon courses from now on they are actually challenging and fun


You said oversight. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Is anyone else having an issue with the Spring Developer Championship not appearing on the map, but the event is there?
On Xbox Series X btw

Yes. Onn my second account.

For all intents and purposes, that makes it an S2 998 event. In theory, a group could game the system and make it a D-class event, but there is almost certain to be some random that will slip in with an S2 car. I know they pretty much have things on autopilot, cycling through old event lists, but they really should go through the event inventory and cull some of the poorly designed ones.

Thanks El Barto the Morgan tune was a gem. Was struggling to get the 240 mph but that car and tune worked a real treat!

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same here. XboxOne(DayOne)

That range could work with 6 people convoy, as they could all decide on class and drivatars will match it, but with randoms that doesn’t work. as there will surely be max class cars there.
Could work if matching would bring in same class players together, but that doesn’t happen. as team is put together before car choice.
So with that, I rather bring tuned max class car to such random race.

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Do you have the PO Porsche El B? Might be worth tuning that if so, as it’s probably the strongest Porsche in S2.

I did the trial twice, once in a RWD S1 GT1 at S900, and managed 3rd/4th behind a couple of decent drivers in 998 cars and one or two drivatars - enjoyed the challenge as I managed to beat most of the S2 cars. Second time I went for an S998 GT1 and was able to win easily - very nice car for this selection of courses.

As always with S2, you have the odd teammate who doesn’t understand brakes and wall rides but a fairly enjoyable trial generally - I remember doing it multiple times first time around to test the various Porsches and the GT1 was my favourite then (don’t think I had a PO Porsche at the time).

Not for me but i’m on Xbox X. The SD Championship is pretty testing on unbeatable. I had to do it a couple of times on race 1 and 3 but done the lot with first in all 3.

Yeah, it’s a 998 event with flexibility. If you get a convoy of 6, you can make it any class you like or, if you aren’t comfortable driving S2 cars, you can bring a lower class car and just make sure you beat your equivalent drivatar.

Have it Jezza and it was sitting right there tuned and all, just not saved and shared.
Updated my initial post with it.

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This event could have been a lot of fun in older lower class cars if we had the option to enter say a D class Trial rather than being essentially forced to run a S1 or S2 class.

I did it in an S2 class. 6 of us entered but the game was stuck on fast travelling for 15 minutes. In the end 2 of us hung around and we won 3-1. Pretty easy to beat the driveatars. The one race we lost the drivetars crashed into us at the start and weird stuff was happening trying to get back on the road.