Split second understeer In between turn in and steady state turning

Hi, I have a thing I notice in allot of my high grip tunes. I can get a good turn in response and a good steady cornering rate. But especially a higher speeds (more weight transfer and aerodynamic load) I get a tiny bit of understeer for a tenths of a second before the car settles. mostly irritating but I would still like to know ideas for dialing it out.

Does anybody else have a similar challenge or a solution?

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I don’t know my guess is lower rear wing or add front wing.

If it’s what I think it is, the car is transitioning weight to fast. during entry, if the rear falls out of line during turn in, raise the bump 2 to 3 tics. if it’s the nose raise your rear rebound 2 to 3 tics, repeat laps to fine tune the car to your liking. I wish you the best on your tuning escapade Mate, hope that helps!

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