sping Test to hard

Fog + impossible drivatar

Really that spring test is to hard .

Yeah, that fog is pretty annoying. And I don’t know if it’s impacting the online performance, but the two attempts I made involved a lot of cars teleporting around. And almost everyone dropped out the second time despite the fact we were winning.


It’s a good job we have choices what to do each season.

The first race is a little tough with the fog I will admit. Had no problem getting 2nd place in the first race and 1st place in the 2nd and 3rd races with the Porsche.

I need to get a tune for that Porsche. I really liked it stock for a Championship a couple weeks back, but whatever I did getting it to the top of S1 made it too difficult for me to reliably manage.

I can upload mine when I get home from work today if you still need one by then. I use a tuning calculator and then make the final adjustments through testing so it’s a proper tune.

169 666 084 <<

Try this tune for the porsche. I thinks it’s pretty good and it helped me finishing all three races at least on 3rd place.

The fog was the easy race, got rid of traffic early on. Apparently, if they can’t see ya they can’t wreck ya.

Making us do road races in drift cars… in the fog… against those drivatars…

I feel like I’m being trolled.

That’s MY job, not the devs! :smiley:

I could use a decent tune for the Porsche as well. It’s the only one I can keep on the road. I’ve tried half a dozen tunes today and can’t find one that suits me.

I’m learning to tune, but a drift car for a road race? C’mon.

They’re not drift cars, they’re just overpowered.

They aren’t drift cars and can be tuned for street races so keep looking for tunes.

I used Escort with Rockxld tune.

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This one was a genuine challenge. It was the first one that took me several tries to complete. The last few I’ve done in one or two attempts. The combination of poor visibility and cars that are an handful to drive made it not fun for me but that’s part of the challenge I guess. I eventually got it.

The struggle was finding a group worth a poop. Found myself finishing 2nd with all the other players bringing up the rear in race 1, race 2 everyone quit leaving myself and one guy who couldn’t help but finish last…ended out a 650 - 600 win…race 3 finished 2nd with the same guy finishing 8th…overall L.

Took me 4 tries to get a decent group

worst TRIAL ever. i and others have literally had the AI ram us off the road just before the CHECKPOINT therefore ruining your race once it rewinds you. this game is such a joke it’s not funny. just about ready to chuck it. completely.

Totally agree! The “Fun Extractors” (AKA the devs) are having a laugh again at our expense with these Unbeatable drivertards.

Ended up quitting by the second race to at least give those further up the field a slight chance of getting more points.


Probably my least fav trial to date… I’ll give it a few more goes then pack it in… with the glitched events in other seasons this series is a write off anyway!!!

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It was really hard, i finally did it by supporting my Team with my Hoonigan Nova (AWD Diesel V8)
Here is the Tune:
917 397 434
You can Go Ahead really quickly and block the Drivatar Team, it is Not Clean racing, but it did the Job. The Tune is not easy to handle, but has great accelleration, grip and Speed

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Here is the tune I made for the Porsche if anyone is still having difficulty with this. Pretty easy to handle with no assists once you get off the line.

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At first I thought this trial (street racing in S1) is harder than the last one (ciruit road racing in B), but after I’ve done a couple I think it isn’t. You should be able to overtake at least 3 drivatars, because they become confused at some point and slow down.
But you need to drive consistently, know the track (where are sharp turns, easy to miss checkpoints, turns you can go full-throttle). Leave room for your teammates. This trial works best if you’re driving gently …
I’ve won many races, not because I’m a good driver, but because everyone else was knocking themselves out of the race. But the team still lost, so no win for me, too.

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That’s the key. If it’s past 1/4 way in and I’ve got a teammate in front of me I back off and just hold my position. If everyone would just hit all the checkpoints it would be pretty easy. And quit if you’re in last!

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