[Software] LEDs Logitech G29, G923 PS for Forza Horizon

Hello everyone. I recently created a program for LEDs Logitech G29, G923 PS. The test version of my program was in great demand by many players. This is unexpected and great for me. This means that I tried not in vain and helped many people to improve their gameplay. Therefore, I continued to develop and improve my app. Now I can present my release version with improved functionality.
There are two versions of the program available - Basic and VIP.

You can download My App and read the guide on our
Discord server

:warning: Be sure to read the guide before using! (#guides discord channel)

We tried to make a detailed description of the program to make it easier for players to understand.
Have a good Horizon Gameplay!

Introduction to Basic version

Introduction to VIP version

Please get your feedback here if everything works for you. I do it for free.


If it makes the rev lights on the wheel work, I would love a copy please.


Take a copy too!


Yes please, they don’t light up in half the racing games and can’t be used!


WOW! I’m glad that someone needs it. You can write to me on my Discord Server
I’m not sure that I can write links to file hosting here. But to convince you that the program exists, here’s a screenshot:


merci pour les information du bon travail


It’s work ! Thanks ! I’m french guy and Nemuray is a genius ! Thanks for your help ! =)

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Thank You!

It works well, setup is easy as well :slight_smile:

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Tested and working on FH4 and FH5!

Got in contact with Nemuray through to his discord Nemuray#8538, who helped me setup the software which took no time at all basically.

The program connects immediately through your telemetry readings ingame using the ports given in Settings → Hud and gameplay → Data out
That being said it means that if you have no connectivity to the Forza servers the RPM readouts may not work.
Nemuray has also implemented manual setting for MAX RPM and Coefficiancy for personal preferance tuning, which also work as intended.

What I’ve noticed immediately after initiating the software is that it kind of switches your force feedback off on startup, meaning you have to run the program before starting up the game. This is in no way a hindrance, just an info.
In Forza Horizon 4 I had to use the “Calibrate” option in order to get the readouts started.

Thanks again for this simple yet awesome piece of software!


It’s work ! Thanks ! I’m german guy and Nemuray is a genius ! Thanks for your help ! =)y

Nemuray would answer everyone of you in his Discord!

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merci pour les infos

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I’ve tried it and it works perfectly. Thank you for sharing the work that you have done and that you have shared with everyone.

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Many thanks to Nemuray for this powerful tool! In less than 5 minutes I got in contact with him, that’s also available to help you in the installation process and configuration. I recommend this software if you would like to enjoy the full experience with steering wheels!


I tried the Nemuray program and it’s wonderful!
Thank you very much!!!


I just got the software from Nemuray and works fantastic, everyone should try it. Thank you for the help Nemu :slight_smile:


Thank you a lot, it’s working! Just made my day! Also, he quickly replied and helped me set up everything


Great small app!! Working great! Just few basic settings.

Great job!

(Shame Logitech/Microsoft)


Contacted Nemuray and was given the program and they even helped me through discord live to help set it up - fantastic program and really helpful.


I came here just to tell you guys that this working perfectly. Easy setup, and good guidance from the creator :slight_smile:
Thank you so much! This is gonna make my forza skills improve for sure :slight_smile: