Logitech LED (G29, Keyboard, Mouse) RPM support app

Hello all

I’ve spent the last three evenings creating a prototype of a Windows application that displays telemetry data (currently RPM) on Logitech Keyboards, G29 Wheel and simple RGB devices (like mouse) and in the future maybe more (like ESP32-devices).

I even added a small demo mode, which you can see here: Logitech LED RPM Meter - YouTube

I need to do some more cleanup and then I will push it to Github as open source and free application.
A few details:

  • It uses plain HID to set the LED on the G29 in order to not break it’s usage for the game.
  • It uses Logitechs LED SDK for the keyboard and mouse.
  • It’s written in C# and provides a small GUI for settings.

One of the big issues I am currently facing is that from the Forza Telemetry, I only get idle RPM, max RPM and current RPM. The optimal shift-point is definitely not the max RPM (which will mostly never be reached). I’m not sure yet how to tackle that. My current way would be to manually get the optimum shift-point for all cars and code that into the application (do different motors on the same car change that?) and use a default like 85% of max for cars not defined yet. Another approach would be to get the torque or acceleration or the RPM and find out patterns (like the RPM wiggle or no more acceleration), use that as max RPM to shift.

Anyway, is someone interested in either helping with the application, especially the RPM issue or also as tester of the app?

Thanks and have a good day