So why did my specific favorite car get canned for seemingly no reason?

The 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. My favorite classic muscle car by far. Been in the Forza Franchise for a DECADE at this point. And it’s STILL not in the car list. Why? There’s seemingly no copyright or licensing issue, EVERY OTHER PONTIAC in Forza Horizon 4 is coming back, EXCEPT SPECIFICALLY the GTO Judge. Why? Did they just decide to remove it to make room? Because there’s plenty of other cars like the Cortina that honestly deserves to be removed before it. This isn’t even a car request at this point, I feel like a schizophrenic because the GTO Judge is always my most used car in every single Horizon game and specifically this car is cut from the jump to FH5, it’s like the Playground team somehow knows who I am is and messing with me. Please, I bought the premium and was planning to use the Free Autoshow Car voucher that comes with it to buy the Judge. Please, this isn’t a Toyota situation or anything I’m genuinely bewildered why this car specifically was cut despite every other Pontiac coming back alongside all the slow, never-heard-of British roadsters as well despite them only coming into the franchise for being location pieces.

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Licensing or being saved for the playlist.

It wasn’t to single you out. There are plenty of people whose favorite cars got cut from the car list. Just because a few Pontiac cars are coming back, doesn’t mean they all do. As much as I like the GTO Judge I also like the Cortina and the ‘slow never heard of’ British roadsters, which by the way are well known cars in their own right, and no car ‘deserves’ to get cut, but never has every car from the previous games made it to the next game. It’s just how it is.

Chill out, we don’t have the full car list yet, or at least not that we know of, and it may still show up.


Totally wrong, this is one of 3 Pontiacs that were in FH4’s final car list that are not in FH5’s launch car list, the 3 cars are, in order of MY, the:

1968 Firebird
1969 GTO Judge
1973 Firebird SD-455

This proves that they did not single you or your favourite car out.


Chill man, it may end up in the final car list or they may have it in some special event!

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I agree with you, because the Firebird is from it’s neighboring country, the USA.

I’ve used the '69 GTO in most Forza games, maybe this time round it will be paid DLC…

It may well appear yet! Could be a barn find or hidden behind an event or be a wheelspin car?

There were a couple of cars that I was surprised were not listed when their manufacturer list was published. They have been added since then and the 69 GTO may be too. Btw the 70 GSX is listed which to me would be a great alternative. I do hope the GTO is added as well.

7 JDMs were singled out too, it’s one Honda, one Lexus, three Mazdas, and two Toyotas.

Yeah, there have been a lot of surprising cuts so far, as well as a lot of unannounced manufacturers too. The fact that Alfa Romeo and Lancia haven’t been announced yet with less than two weeks before release really has me worried. And yeah, I know they could be added later, but I can’t say I’m fond of the idea of obvious inclusions being downgraded to DLC and patched content. Gives me Motorsport 5 vibes.

The world does not resolve around you and your favourite car. You are not entitled to your favourite car being in the game.


Makes me want to whip out my resolver and join the fight. Vive la résolution!

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I love people who only show up on the forums once every fifty years just to be rude.


Pot, Kettle. :yawning_face:

Anyway, it is a shame about the Judge; she’s a favorite of mine, too. That said, dude isn’t being rude ― dude is totally right. The Car List is an impossible task… any addition and every omission is likley to upset one fanatical Forza fan faction with unusual emotional attachments or another. I’m sure Novaly will find himself a new Rosebud to sled away in (eventually).

Oh, hilarious though that this Novaly-rant demanding his preferred vehicle and bemoaning the unfairness of it all is the follow-up to the rest of his usual diatribes demanding whatever massive gameplay/game mechanic change du jour for no other real purpose than to suit his personal playstyle and narrow Puritan car culture vision. “Entitled,” indeed!

I’m not being rude. This is just the truth.
Developers have their vision and sometimes we are left disappointed. C’est la vie.


I’m italian, i grew up around Alfas and Fiats. While i completely understand you and hope for you that they will re-add that car: at least you are not me lol

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