So far from realistic

So today I decided to try turning the assists to simulator/realistic. [Mod edit - WSD -Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS} lose controle of steering at 80km/h? If this was how driving was in real life then the roads in my area would be terrifying. no matter what car I used from class d to A i couldn’t complete a loose corner at even 70km. corners that I would very easily be able to turn at 130 - 140 in real life, in the game had my tires locking up and sliding straight into a wall at 70. this is absolutely pathetic. I get a far more realistic drive with the assists set to hard.

If you are going to have a simulator setting, maybe try making it a lot more realistic. simulator mode might as well be called spin in a circle for an hour no matter what you do, mode.

I had many instances as well where I would begin turning a corner but at the end of it i had to turn the other way to straighten out the wheel and just a tiny little nudge to try to achieve this sent me spiraling out of countrol, then when trying to steer out of that, I would be thrown into a spiral the other way, no matter how gentle I was. absolutely terrible.

I experimented with Normal and Sim Steering quite a bit a few days ago. Oddly, I felt that Normal felt a lot more like I expected as far as realism. I’m completely new to the series and only have few hours in-game so far, so my experience is seriously limited, but I far prefer Normal with all other assists off (with the exception of using Auto Trans instead of Manual/Clutch…I need to learn to drive first before I tackle that).

After reading a bunch of posts from several sites after I tried t myself, I found a lot of posts from veterans of the series that felt Normal was the way to go as well. Opinions are definitely divided on this, many stated preferring Sim, but the split was about even from what I was reading. For me, I’ll stick to Normal, I feel like I have more personal control over it than I do when using Sim.

For me, FM5 is one of the hardest FM games when using simulation steering on a controller. On sim steering, the crossover speed when countersteering is so fast that it is easy to “snap” your car and spinout. Also, FM5 has large default deadzones. For what I think is a more natural feel, try normal steering and a lower inside deadzone. For deadzone settings, go to the advanced submenu in your controller settings. The inside can be as low as zero if you have a controller in good condition. If your controller tends to have a little bit of stick drift, try something around 5 but no higher than 10.

If you mostly like the feel of sim steering, min/maxing your inside/outside steering deadzones in the 0/100 to 5/95 range might give you enough feel that you can stick with sim instead of going to normal.

It’s because your real life car probably doesn’t even have all assists off. Some of the assists in FM5 are real things (such as ABS, TCS, AND STM) that almost all modern cars have. So if you’re setting all the assists off, then it’s definitely going to be harder than driving your car.

Sim Steering was introduced in FM4 and is only for steering wheel use due sensibility. If you go with sim steer and controller then you can’t do lock to lock or fast movements or you’re with tail in nose :wink: .