Single Player No Longer Fun Attn: Turn 10

Do not get me wrong, I love Forza Horizon 3. I am in a club with good clean racers and we race together every night. My problem is since the new updates get installed the Single Player part of the game is ridiculous. I am about 60 % finished and I go back to single player to compete in the Championships and races, but after last night I don’t know anymore. I tumed an S2 Noble and wanted to test the tune, I usually don’t run S2 but decided to try something different from my Bugatti. Tried a Street race, always raining at night I guess. I took off distancing myself from AI, but of course the rubber band effect kicked in and I had 2 AI right behind me, next corner they passed. Next 90 deg corner I am behind them, they did not even brake at over 200 mph??? This is getting bad, I know you need to have a challenging game but come on, if AI has that kind of grip why can’t the players? We all know AI cheat, miss checkpoints, grip beyond reality, etc. etc. I will continue to run online every night, but I guess my dream of finishing this game in single player has come to an end for now.

“Forza Horizon 3 is not a simulator.”

Thus, reality and realistic physics can be left out. :slight_smile:

Sometimes it feels like there is some rubber-banding going on but most of the time you can still lap the entire field repeatedly if you have a circuit race set up with a lot of laps. All in all, I think they did pretty good with it.

Its actually broken a but and I agree with you. I’m running against “New Racers” and they are nearly beating me. The only way I win is if I don’t race cleanly. I know its not supposed to be easy, but if I have the difficulty on easy, shouldn’t it be easy?

I remember when this game first came out the rubber band ai wasn’t a problem until a week after release than it got bad rubber band ai. This reminds me of Shift 2 Unleashed where changing the difficulty doesn’t do anything lol.

Honestly I wish there was more than 6-7 months worth of dlc cars at a monthly rate because that makes the game easier to get bored of.

If you blueprint your championships and races with more laps, the AI are easier to beat. It takes a minute or two to add laps to all of the races in the championship and a few more to change all the tracks and weather. You can also just remove races from the championship you are blueprinting. The only track you can’t change is the track the championship is created from. The extra time is worth the trouble because short races have insane skills Drivatars.

The AI/Drivatars will try to match your lap time. Races on short tracks with 3 laps are insane. Add 3 to 5 laps to any race and the enjoyment goes up. Your car choice will influence the AI car lineup. The AI are almost impossible to beat when they are in certain cars like the Ultima 1020. They can be wicked on most paved roads with the Ultima.

Don’t forget about the “Start in the Front” Perk in the skills shop. That perk last for 4 races and be prepared to be hit from behind on the first turn.


I don’t know about Horizon 3 - I have not played enough of it, but in Horizon 2 , the faster cars would even reverse rubber band all around my slow cars, just to drive near me, and it creates a mess. Actually one of the more ridiculous things I’ve sen in game when you have Ferraris, Bugattis all crashing and struggling with accel/braking just to stay near me.

So far, I have found average level to be much easier in Horizon 3 than easy was in Horizon 2 - but admittedly I have started with very high powered, low handling cars. The AI all still turn too slow or brake too early, so once I hit a straight - I’m gone. I have seen one or 2 cars begin to catch up as I start doing tricks, but so far, not too bad.

The struggle for me are the Bucket Lists. Are you serious? How the heck do I keep a Konisenigseggi on a curvy dirt road on full throttle? I hate those Bucket Lists!

Yeah some of the Bucket Lists are ridiculous. I really hate drifting so those I am not going to finish. Also a couple of the offroad ones are very hard like the Subaru and the Audi (I believe).


Its pointless at this point, the debs don’t want to fix the game, its a shame because its really s good game but they’ve ruined it