Since when did the ABCS lobbies become the place for leaderboard cars?

Seems like that’s all I see in there now days. Used to be, the leaderboard guys kept to the single class lobbies, and left the ABCS lobbies to the guys who didn’t want to run leaderboard cars.

What is a leaderboard car?


Leader board cars are the ones most commonly used to set the best times. Look at the leader boards and you will see one car type used most at the top in any given class.

well with more and more people leaving Forza 4 for the Xbox One & forza 5 it might be getting hard to find a lobby with people in the normal circuit lobbies

I run leaderboard cars a lot in lobbies, including ABC’S. Is this frowned upon or something? Horsehockey if anyone says yes. Just because I use a Lotus Elan doesn’t make it a leaderboard car. The tunes are what make LB cars LB cars. So if I use a stock '05 Elise, am I gonna be looked down upon for using a LB car? Yea, it’s a LB car, but it does not have a LB car tune. I got a hate message last night racing online, A-class, I used my 05 Acura NSX LB car on 1 lap @ the 'ring. Now my NSX tune was for section B of the 'ring, only 400 horsepower, dominated, and the hate mail flew in after the race. I really don’t get it.

If you are using a lb car and dnf’ing half the lobby, or you are way ahead of most of the field, then you shouldnt be using it. if you are using the car in order to have competitve races because your skill is lacking then go for it, if this is a means to stay mid pack.

Yes, Bttle, it is frowned upon, and from the length of time I see you’ve played this game, I find it hard to believe your unaware or that naive. It is generally considered to be unsporting. Pulling out an Audi S5 in A class or a Viper in S class in FM3 would almost certainly get you kicked every time, because those cars were nearly unbeatable in the hands of a skilled driver. Using one made the statement that you were only there to win by taking advantage of a superior car, not necessarily your driving skills. No one knows that you may not have a LB tune, or that you may not be that skilled of a driver. True, it’s all a bit silly, and personally I don’t care what you drive, but the perception is it’s not fair play when they know the car they like to race cannot compete. On some levels I agree, save the LB cars for hotlapping.

I almost always play ABCS & i honestly couldn’t tell you what cars are leaderboard cars & which ones aren’t as it’s not something i check. I don’t see the issue with other players using a leaderboard car as the whole point of racing is to win, and if a leaderboard car helps you win then that’s the car to use.

Mako, I was being sarcastic. I know its frowned upon, BUT, don’t really see why. So I lf I use a STOCK Chevy Spark in F class, or STOCK Lotus 2-Eleven in A class, its still gonna be a “no-no” huh? Who is anyone else to tell the person that bought the game what cars they can and can’t use anyways? And I’m not referring to you Mako, just sayin.

I agree with you. However, one could argue that the act of using a LB car is in effect telling the entire lobby that they cannot use their prefered car if they want to be competitive.

You could also argue that if the entire lobby want to be competitive then why not use the car that they know is fastest round the track.

You could, but that is exactly the point. Most people don’t want to have to go to a LB car to be competitive, they want to race the cars they like.

I race almost exclusively in league races. I rarely if ever venture into public lobbies. I did race in the hoppers quite a bit in FM3 however. My go to cars were usually my 911 SC, 997 RS, and the Diablo SV in A class. They were quick, handled well, and very competitive most of the time. If someone pulled out an Audi S5 I knew there was little chance I could compete, which takes some of the fun out of it. Beat me in your Lotus Elise that you built and tuned yourself, and you have my congrats and well done. Win with a LB car and yeah, whatever. We all race to win, that is the point after all, but for many of us, it’s the race itself and the competition that is what thrills us. I personally could take no satisfaction winning with a LB car when the rest of the field was using cars that could not compete with it.

I totally agree with you bud, but you know how childish people can be over a game. If you use the STOCK versions of the cars, then the PI should be lower, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Unless of course your racing idiots.

If you need a faster car than your opponents you must not know how to drive.

What in the H, E, double hockey sticks does that statement mean bud? So what, every single race you’ve won you’ve been in an underpowered, less handling, less braking, less accelerating, less launching, heavier than the rest of the grid car? Get the H, E, double hockey sticks outta here, NONSENSE.

Your game, what you payed your money for, playing on your xbox, which you payed your money for.

Race what you want. If its eligible, its legal. If people want to set their own “No LB Cars” rules, they can quite easily start a custom lobby.


I’ve done a little research on leaderboard cars and to be honest, I can’t see myself ever going that route, at least not intentionally. If a car I like happens to be a leaderboard car, it is pure chance. I would much rather drive the cars I like than try to abuse the meta and tune up the recognized leaderboard cars even if they happen to be models and brands I’m not really into. At least I’m not relying on stock cars like my first online racing…


your money your choice

Hi all, just joined, but played siince fm3. These forums are full of great information. Just managed to knock off upto 2 secs a lap on most circuits just by setting tire temperatures correctly and using manual with clutch.

I’m not bothered if anyone runs LBC, unless they’ve got the perfect tune and have the perfect race they’re not unbeatable. If a lot of the lobby are using, e.g a lotus exige, why not join them and take the fight to them. Its always nice to beat them at their own game.

Awesome game and awesome racing

I need all the help I can get to just finish and not DNF. But as someone else said, I don’t study each track to know which car in which class is a LB car. I just drive the cars I want to drive. So… No one should care what I’m driving because I don’t beat that many people anyways.

So my point is, I don’t think we should worry about who’s driving what. I will say it might be a tad annoying if someone does use LB car and they’re like a lot faster than everyone else. But really, it’s a race. Fast is the goal I’m assuming. And like someone said, a tune might have something to do with it. But if you gave me a LB car with the best tune for that track, I still won’t be first anyways. It takes all kinds. Not all of us are going to be as good as Koga Miyata.