Silverstone Raceway in Rain - Fun or Maddening?

I guess I got a bit cocky after playing the Demo 7 or 8 times.
The Seabring Rain race was a blast, and sure a bit tricky, but I came in 2nd the first go round and then ‘mastered’ the puddles and came in 1st place the other times I ran it.

Well… last night in career mode, had Silverstone in the rain come up…
Good God! (Resisting urge to use stronger language 'cause you know its E for Everyone!)
I had a really hard time, there is one area that has a long straightaway on the left, and there is a long puddle next to the edge of the track the follows it for many yards…
Don’t get your tires in there, not even a little! Hahaha, never felt my car ever pull like that in any Forza game before, sucked right onto the shoulder and deeper into the puddle!

Then one of the turns near the end, (Turn 14 - Priory I think) I just could not nail - the entire race was a disaster!!
I started over after lap 3…
And again… had to restart race a second time…

After two attempts, I got utterly desperate and engaged the ‘Rewind’ (what good was the +20% bonus it I could not finish the track!)
Was able to do it, but took me 20 minutes and a lot more rewinds then I want to tell you about, to finish in 2nd!

Confound you English and your rain!! :slight_smile: This never happens at my Sonoma!

Your thoughts and experience with this Rainy English Afternoon? Fun or Maddening?

I truly felt challenged with this one, I was frustrated but challenged, so, it was fun… I think, I am still deciding!

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I actually like this track in the rain better that Sebring some of the bigger puddles don’t seem to send you sideways towards a wall as much, however I was in a much less powerful car than the corvette though. I LOVE this game. I see it’s going to be hard to get any projects done around home. I have a best ball golf outing to go to tomorrow and I kinda don’t want to go as I just want to play Forza. LOL

I definitely did not hate it, but boy did it … challenge the heck out of me.
I am going to have another go at it in Freeplay mode tonight, since I want to be prepared next time it comes up in career mode!

Not a problem here. I came in first on Silverstone in the rain on my first go. No rewinds needed.

I vote “fun”.

I am beginning to lean that way, haha had a bit of a better time of it last night, but still, out of all the other rain tracks, this one give me the most problems! Good stuff though, good to be challenged!

I like the puddles on tracks actually. Nothing more fun than recovering from a hydroplane. Makes drifting a very nice challenge too

My favorite wet track right now is Nurburgring GP circuit, the sweeping switch backs both have puddles running along the inside edge near the curb that you can’t touch, changes the line into the corner wonderfully. Although the damn Drivatars have yet to learn that.

Hmm yes, actually the main frustration of wet racing aren’t the puddles, it’s the beyond-stupid drivatars.

FUN!!! Challenging but, fun. I race with rewind off so it was frustrating at first but, I LUV IT!

I do as well, but after blowing it twice with two restarts when I first raced the track, I had to turn on rewind just to finish it! I have since tweaked the drivatar settings, which was also contributiing a bit I think. I had a better time of it last night and going to give a few more go throughs today.

What does anyone else think of Silverstone on an English Rainy Day? :slight_smile:

Pretty much a standard summer’s day over here, especially up North, so dealing with it comes naturally

I find Silverstone to be one of the most challenging tracks in every version of Forza. I can hardly imagine it in the wet.

I did Silverstone in the rain in the Classic Sports series. It was heaps of fun! Sliding everywhere but totally in control.

Maddening and fun at the same time, I was racing in the professional motorsport series on this track, and the cars in this series have quite alot of grip, yet when you hit a puddle you have no control whatsoever, just don’t turn rewind off :slight_smile:

I will never ever race anything in FM6 with rewind on, it just kills the thrill. :slight_smile: Sure I have to restart a lot on wet racing but that’s mainly due to not knowing yet where the puddles are.

So I have to ask, what is the difference of rewinding or restarting? You state that in the wet you have to restart a lot so why would you be so against rewinding as it is a lot quicker and you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to even if it is on. I guess I’m just not understanding why you are so against it when you do in essence the same thing restarting.

You lose credits when you rewind. Pay attention on your next payout and you’ll see a line for rewind.

Ok, so I use rewind once and a lose a couple of credits for rewinding. I knew that though.

If you quit and restart you get no credits so in essence you lose ALL your credits. If you restart a race 5 or 6 times before you finish because you refuse to rewind, you have only earned the credits for one race. In the same amount of time, I might get 2 or 3 races in during that time, lose maybe a couple hundred credits for a rewind or two and have still earned more money. I still had a blast playing.

I’m not trying to convince you to rewind by the way. It’s what works for me and what I enjoy. I bet you enjoy playing by restarting though and the beauty of the game is that you can play however you want and it gives you the freedom to do so (unless you are in free play).

I love Silverstone. I tried it in the wet the other night, and I still love the track. lol It was fun.