Shifting Settings for individual cars with wheels/shifters

Add manual shifting and manual shifting with clutch to the individual cars wheel tuning setting in the new Motorsport. I don’t want to go to the settings each time I switch from a normal Hatchback (with my H-Pattern Shifter) to a GT3 car (which uses paddles).

Please fix the shifting to car appropriate shifting similar to Asseto Corsa. I know you hate references to other games and want your own thing, I’m just listing as an example. If a car is sequential and you have a H-Shifter, the H-Shifter should not work and default to the paddles. And if a Car is manual and you have a H-Shifter connected then the paddle shifters shouldn’t work. Same goes with the clutch. The clutch should be disabled for instance on a car like the Porsche Panamera with the PDK and paddle shifters (They only made 146 manual Panamera’s between 2009 and 2013). So the clutch and a H-shifter should not be working on the 2017 model in the game. I don’t need to list all the cars like this, I’m sure you know them.

Hi, my logitech shifter works fine as H-pattern.

I want to be able to use it as a sequential shifter instead. On other games its just a case of setting gears 3 and 4 as shift up/shift down.

When i try to make the changes, the game doesn’t seem to be receiving anything from the shfter?

Ive tried updating the firmware and using different customisable layouts and nothing works.

Be great if someone has the answer…


I posted this on an adjacent wall last night as well. I think a good solution is to have a ‘manual w/clutch 2’ that auto switches for cars that dont come with a stick at all stacked with upgrade options for shift type. Although the stick is rare for the car you mentioned admittedly, id rather see the choice in a tab under the swaps section since it did come in both. I think it would be far more impactful tho once you get to like the 2018 civic or the new z, etc. The other point i made is that it allows more people to copy their specific car into the game without really adding anything. The inside doesnt need a whole lot to do this either. More to it but this is long enough as is, more than happy to discuss if anyone still cares by now.

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Yeah the fact that they pretend like semi-automatic transmissions don’t exist is really frustrating, especially in a game like Motorsport where having to use the clutch makes such a big difference. A setting like “According To Car” would be great.


I would like to see this implemented as well. You are able to map the shifter buttons in other Xbox racers like Dirt Rally 2.0

I think it’s time T10 give us the ability to map any and all buttons, especially the LSB + RSB.

Give us the option to map our shifters in a way that gives us a sequential transmission, you know… Like real race cars…