Sharing glitch tunes

I agree… i havent been able to play the last few days but it sucks knowing that when my forza 6 sync issue is taken care of i will have to deal with all of the glitch cars in lobbies. Hopefully when the next dlc comes out a patch will come with it.

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I did some tune swapping and upgrade research and found that it is AWD + Race compound making the Mazda RX3 glitch accel faster than itself with more power torque and less weight… This game is not perfect, but when a 11,000 lbs Gurka can be pushed around like a soccer ball there is something wrong. does anyone remember soccer from Forza 3?


Before I get removed or so have you mods… I am working on a Mazda RX3 tune, as I type this, that in the hands of these “best drivers” will be beating there own times by another second or 2… E class doing 1:52:00 Bermese Alps. Thats Forza 5 C class times. XD

I thought this was in regard to multiplayer, are people using glitch tunes on career too ? Thats just sad.

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you should see the LB… mini cooper that I heard was to be banned…
This is E class, I am going throught the entire LB run.

I think they are aware and are working on it and thats why its taking longer than was first suggested, and I get your joking about wanting it fixed last week hut some people actually expect that. I want it fixed too but would rather they take their time and fix it right than just throw a quick patch together.Do the right thing though and take the high road and dont share any other dodgy tunes.

I would rather have Turn10 release a patch with the October DLC or even a couple weeks after. I want to see this fixed but I want it done right, right? What’s the point of doing something if you only do it in part?

There is another console game that has released patches numerous times and each time they fix one minor issue and create several more. I hope Turn10 work with a sense of urgency but take their time to get a proper solution that only needs patching once.

Take the high road (A/S and up) until something is done about it. Or just wait. ‘Joining them’ never leaves a nice taste in your mouth. I’m speaking as someone whose natural habitat is D, C and B class.


My approach is similiar I say nothing in the lobby but if someone uses the glitched RX3 or any glitch tune constantly and is 2-3 seconds per lap faster per lap for more than 3 races consectively, thats my trigger, that get bad feedback for “unsporting behavior” with no comment. I then take note of a few of their times, after my session I jump into testdrive, run their glitch tune, and beat their time by 1-2 seconds, not posting to leaderboard of course, then I feel much better. Kinda of a nice F you cheater at the end of my session.

It’s sad. If there is an October car pack I sure hope its comes with a fix for this. I did a much better job tuning my car for the GSW ring contest. I enjoyed going 2 and 3 wide on some turns, shooting around someone entering a turn because my car braked much better, and building a lead on long straights. Then here comes a couple of minis and I can’t place consistently because someone is basically cheating by using a glitched car. So all my effort and work on the tune becomes a waste.

Please fix this soon Turn 10

i admit when i found out about the mini glitch i used it for a short time, i win in lobbies most of the time anyway so this got boring fast, so i stopped using it after a couple of days. I still race around in C class but i do see a lot of the Fiestas and Mazdas around, still beat this guys, i did complain to one guy and he called me a child because i complained about him using a glitched car. All you do is convert the cars to 4WD and the upgrade the differential and don’t touch the diff settings, leave the accel at 100% to the front and 100% to the rear. It doesnt matter what you do with the rest of the set up just make the thing as good at handling as possible! It is really boring but it does give me a challenge in lobbies so i can’t complain. If the LBs didnt have these cars at the top (which i think i have a few mini times myself) i would probably have some decent times in a few of my FWD cars and i dont mean the civic :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm. Lancia fulvia?

Hi Guys just noticed this post… first I believe a glitch is only a glitch if it not accessible by other players, which is when I find a glitch in my advantage I make it a public tune. Yes their are some no names dropped but a emw team member has found another glitch which he will most likely not share on the leader board now. In that case learn from it. Download my tune and copy the build it’s not that hard to do. (buy a new car put my tune on it remove my tune then put back on the items removed) then just tune to your style of driving gamepad or steering wheel. easy. But if a player does not share then it’s how did he/she do it?? and that can then take time but you know it can be done. At the end of the day if everybody shares then it’s not a glitch. You will all have to beat me on 100th sec level and anybody ahead of you of course. happy racing

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Totally agree. This is not a glitch.

Everyone has access, but not everyone is happy with one car dominating a board.

Why? Because we always have…been upset about one or car dominating a board when we wish for there to be a level playing field where we are allowed to race with all the cars provided by the game.

My suggestion, build up a GMC Vandura or anything else silly and just have fun. If you are a second or half a lap slower, no biggie.

My first DLC build will be the Limo…why, well, why not :slight_smile:

U 2 are funny… it was a glitch. Thats why it was patched. An E class car that can keep up with C class cars is a problem. Drive whatever u want yes but when ur laps are removed for driving a car that isnt fairly based on PI dont get upset.

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I’ll just be happy not having to see 8 mini coopers in every B class lobby lol

Give it a week and there will be another car that dominates amd everyone will be driving that instead, even if its horrible to drive and ugly.

Yup. There will always be one car that dominates over a majority of others. Nerf 20 cars, and the 21st fastest car now becomes dominant…nerf 25 and the 26th is then the top contender.

I think we were actually in a better position that we have had in prior Forza games. When someone posts about there being a problem with AWD swaps and that you can do it with 20+ cars and have the same “glitch” results…my thought it, well at least we will have lobbies (and leaderboards) with representatives from 20+ cars rather than a single car dominating a track or whole tuning class.

My other thought is we’ll probably just start seeing more FWD to RWD swaps dominate as we have seen when those cars dominated other Forza versions. It seems that we tend to go back and forth from version to version, what swap is given a slight advantage.

I would be interested in simply removing drive train swaps. Keep engine swaps, but keep cars in the drivetrain they were produced…or have a separate leaderboard separated by drive train?

Someone became hostile in a c-lobby last name, complaining that my C500 GMC Vandura was a glitch and it was people like me that made the game horrible. I don’t think that way, and I’m also not insulted by someone using a leaderboard car in a lobby. I explained to him that my tune/paint were available and that he should consider downloading it and racing with me. The car is hilarious, but before I could have a conversation with him he backed out screaming that an econline should never win a race.

If your a leaderboard purist, than, I can see how these things may make you angry…I just want to build silly cars and have fun with friends online. If not, than I could always pop in a multiplayer shooter and get angry at each negative encounter.

…I did notice yesterday that some of the culprits were nerfed…and also noticed that it made some other cars appear more dominant than they were previously.

Yes, there will always be cars that dominate the leaderboards. That is not the issue here.

I don’t think you understand the issue with this glitch, and let’s call it what it is because it’s an error where the game is not functioning as intended, it 's a glitch.

If you have a car that is in E Class and yet it could easily be at the top of the C or B Class leaderboards then that car obviously has an issue. Perhaps the PI of the car is higher than the displayed number and there is an error in display and behind-the-scenes reporting of the PI…

In any case, adding extra weight to a fairly light and fairly low (or under-) powered vehicle won’t help it go quicker. Setting the differential to 100% should also not help the car magically jump 3 PI classes worth of ability.

This isn’t an “oh this is a good car and everyone is using it” issue this is more similar to the “oh look I can get out of the map on tag” issues.