Sharing glitch tunes

tuners and club members,
it would be awesome,
if you don’t share glitch awd’s, because its wrecking online racing in the lower classes.

and if you are one of those who uses these car’s,
every race,
and win by a lap…

you suck

Rant over, thanks for listening


You tell em buddy!

i just get sick of seeing a small awd car, with a top speed of 4.something, nearly lap me on a speed track when i’m in a muscle car, and then see that it was tuned by “blah blah”
but hey, one person can’t make a difference…

or i could sell out too,
and put tunes up for the other 10 cars that haven’t been discovered yet…

Looks like a plague of Mazda RX3’s have taken over E class. Beating everything by 10 sec.



If the cars are there then some one will use them the only way to stop it is with a patch/update .

Until then it’s going to happen as you can’t physically stop it as its part of the game .

Until then …


i don’t want anything to change…
if it does
i’d have nothing to rant about…

This directly contradicts your original post where you implore people to change their behaviour and stop doing what it is they are doing, or have you forgotten what your OP was about?

Guess he forgot…lol…

I remember fm2 and fm3… a glitched car would mean a leaderboard white for everyone…

Why not just make it so we can’t covert to awd for the mean time so we can get on with life


smartest thing ive seen all day.

Most of the glitch cars are very small rigs. That’s why you get a big one, and give them no room on track. It seems to sort itself out :wink:

I hear what your saying… but… im sick of bad players beating me in c class lobby and lbs… i have started to build glitch cars and will share them. Because this is ruining my fun,i want it fixed. If its out of control (already is) then maybe t10 might fix it.

I dont get the logic, how will making and selling more glitch tunes mean less people beat you using them ?

On even ground not very many people are going to be beating swift, that’s how

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Yeah but why share them ? If he wants to make his own fine (although I dont totslly agree with that either) but why make even more available ? Personally I woulf rather come in second last and know I beat the last person fairly.

As things stand,i have no idea if or when a fix is coming. i dont think alot of people or T10 realise the extent of the problem. or the vast amount of cars that can be glitched. If the top 50 of the boards are all glitched cars,which wont take too long at this rate,then hopefully a patch and lb wipe will come. i just hope the whole problem is fixed,not just the few well known glitch cars. otherwise the problem will go on for too long and kill the game for me. I am a legit player and clean racer,and like to compete fairly,check my times you wont find many glitch times posted. I just want it fixed… last week. Im not sharing tunes for profit as little is made moving big numbers. only solution i see is to move to S class until its fixed. I want the whole problem fixed and brought to light,not just the mini,mazda ect.

Yea. Thats what everyone is thinking, place outside podium and advance to the next round. The game puts you in a “win at all costs” mentality when you race at you highest ability. Yes, you can lower the difficulty, but you don’t get the satisfaction of doing your best. The glitch tunes crosses the line making it unfair to those without and cheap to win with.