Are they going to be adjusted to remove the times from glitched cars?

I’d really like to do some hot lapping, but its pointless with the Mini, Fiat, Mazda Cosmo, etc. Being 20 seconds a lap faster. Glitched cars are still posting times. Ridiculous times have been posted in the last 24 hours with the Mazda Cosmo and RX3. IMO, the game is incomplete until these issues are resolved. It makes me not want to play the game at all. Turn 10, please fix it.

you can start hotlapping the f1 car its not able to have a drivetrain conversion. thus probably unglitchable.

i don’t think r class and above has said glitch cars or not many if any that are competitive.

Think about what you just said in terms of how the game works. Pay us $100 and you’ll get a game with one car that is “probably” not glitched. The rest of the cars are a roll of the dice as to whether or not they work correctly. I bought the game early to hotlap. Career races do nothing for me and lobbies will be filled with wreckers for a while. Hot lapping is a waste of time as is. There is no reason to put the time in to build cars and run times you’re satified with if there is a LB wipe coming. This sucks. I’m going back to 5 until they fix this mess.

I’m not the fastest player, but I’m hardly slow. You run what feels like a great lap and then look at the LB and see 15 times that are 20 seconds faster because of the glitches. I love the game, I just want it to work properly. Its ridiculous right now. Didn’t they test it before releasing it?

Turn 10 will probobly whipe the leaderboards as soon as they have fixed the glitched cars. Simply be patient and enjoy the carrer mode intill so is done. Thats what im doing.

There was also a problem with mods not dirty laps, so I suspect the entire lb to get sweeped.

I’m having fun testing and tuning. If you go back to five you will behind every body when the boards work again.