Series 33 Festival Playlist Preview


Goliath seasonal championship in week 2, Colossus week 4 :sunglasses:


@SalmonSum458719, look! What did i tell you? [I told you, you’re gonna love this update] :sunglasses: one of FM’s cars is here: ford gt, corvette c8.r, m8 gt3, even some race cars that haven’t found their way to FM are here too! (and also this means that those cars will come to FM as well). This is the best update so far… just imagine it: one of FM’s cars + a cool eventlab race track = :star_struck:

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Well, you gotta put those GT3 cars to the test! :muscle:


Well I asked and received with more Ford GT action…pretty pumped starting in autumn to run it in a class with the longer race. Plus…new Ford GT? Nice. Kind of bummed about the lack of dirt racing, but I can overlook it for the quality of the street and road races they added.

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I think the whole next series will be dirt/off-road and it will be a big one. I’m not a road racing guy but this is a great update


or not

retro 80’s sports (or just retro 80’s) maybe. the icon just screams outrun to me and I wouldn’t be shocked if the new radio is synthwave tunes


I didn’t hope man…that’s why didn’t open the stream at first… :sweat_smile:

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it looks like a good one

Why?! :melting_face:

New radio station is interesting, can’t remember the last time I intentionally turned the radio on.

Hope it’s an '80’s metal station:) Yea I know, wishful thinking.

Thanks to Joe for showing us most of the event restrictions and all of the Trial restrictions. Just need to figure out the tracks now.

Not a fan of only two main map seasonal championships and not a fan of having a pre-tuned car for the Trial, from a tune engagement perspective, but I’m sure players will still show up in stock cars.

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because in every update I get disappointed with more n more road going cars…n u know how much i dislike road going cars…

this will cut down on stock drivers, for sure. trial is only difficult because of unprepared teammates, so I like it

I hated having 4, this will make everyone do fewer events. and the restrictions are way better than current series. I did literally zero seasonal championships in 3 of the past 4 seasons.


Do you know which sprint that is in the Trial thumbnail? Seems to go through the main festival site.

is it a sprint? I just assumed HMC

HMC was my first thought, don’t know why I was thinking it was a sprint, but do we see the plane at HMC?

good question, I’ll await the opinion of our chief geo-guesser @TheGillesMuller

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I really am starting to dislike the seasonal championships with the overpowered opponents with super speed and handling that defies reality

This season I completed all of Summer/Autumn but only did the HW and 1 main champ for Winter/Spring seasons

I will tend to do the rally ones on the main list but I’m at the point in the game where I don’t want the hassle of dealing with the hot mess of the championships. You can often get 40 points by doing everything else

I will suggests cars and try to find the best way to complete them and share with people because I know that not everyone is in the position where they can just ignore the reward cars or has the expansions to boost points