Semi Automatic Gearbox/Shifting FH5

Is there anyone like me who like to see a Semi Automatic Gearbox so that you can shift down when needed when driving in Automatic and stucked in a higher gear?

I like to drive Automatic it’s way more relaxing, but i want to have the ability to shift down when needed. In Grid Legends they understand this, why not in FH5…?


I was about to write a suggestion about this cause in too many cases your speed go down but the gear doesn’t and you need to downshift to keep up in the race but you can’t.

I really need this feature.

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There should be a sim mode for transmissions so all auto cars in the game have P-R-N-D-S as gears instead of 1-6 or how many gears they have. With automatic uoshifts to highest gear in D when you release the throttle and kickdowns when you apply full throttle.

I hade some automatic replicas for my cars with the 4-spd drift box and it’s fun to try and simulate an AT yourself like that.

That’s a nice idea but with long gear you loose acceleration and there’s a lot of races where you an elevated road where your car loose speed and doesn’t downshift and the only way to downshift is to hit break and you loose more speed,
I normally play on unbeatable diffecullity and every second matter to me.

I’m gone try your 4 gear setupe in the easy races and see how it will work with me.

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Semi Automatic Gearbox is necessary in all racing games if you ask me, when low in rev/RPM as you play in automatic you must have the option to override the automatic gearbox to shift down! Shift up you never use as much so that is not a problem but to manually shift down in a automatic transmission is really necessary and key to compete with difficult races.

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