Reworked transmission options

As of today there are three transmission modes in game, which are automatic, manual and manual with clutch. These are very good, but here are the problems;

The automatic is too automatic to that point that you don’t even have to switch the modes between Parking, Reverse, Neutral and Drive. You just have to press the accelerator to go forwards and the brake to go backwards. The idea would be to switch between those four “gears” mentioned above(PRND)

It would be pretty useful if we had a 4th option named the Real Automatic in which you would have to switch between those four gears, and the Automatic renamed to Simple Automatic, which would stay as it is.

The Real Automatic could actually be real that it would shif gears according to the speed. It wouldn’t rev up to the limiter to shift. Like doing 30mph in the 1st gear while cruising around.

The second problem which many of us encountered is the lack of the Neutral gear. We know it is possible, but only if you use a shifter. Or it can be seen when you are approaching an event slowly and activating it while moving. It does not occure everytime, but it is good to see that it’s possible.

The neutral gear could be placed between the Reverse and the Drive or the 1st gear depending on what shifting you use.

The Parking gear hasn’t been mentioned so here it is: It certainly does not have to be on every shifting option, only the Real Automatic before the Reverse gear as it only exists on automatic gearboxes in real life.

Please vote if you agree and leave a comment I said something wrong or if you would like to add something.