Secret santa reward car Peel P50!

Just to say secret santa reward car Peel P50 is now available in game time to do a horizon tour in it I think PMSL

They can keep it


Collect it from Messages, Gifts menu.

It was a new year miracle we got the car! lol :smiley:

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Totally not rigged. Our gifts contributed towards the goal. Feels awesome.

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Over 12 hours too late though.

So glad I didn’t bother gifting anything. This whole thing was a joke. The event was rigged and the prizes sucked.


Pathetic vehicle. Only useful for the Unbeatable accolades.


Not every player is going to have the same mindset. Sometimes fun is more important than a podium.


The Peels, especially the Trident I think, were completely broken in D and C class in FH4. They were often up to 10 seconds or more quicker than any other car in class. I’m expecting them still to be completely overpowered in all honesty, as PGG don’t appear to have changed much from FH4 to date, which will be a real shame if so.

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Yeah that’s why they’re good for getting the Unbeatable accolades.

I have a strong dislike for vehicles like Peel, Morgan 3-Wheeler, Track-Tor, Reliant Robin and even the BMW-Isetta, because their unusual traits combined with FH’s unrealistic upgrades can make them do what you describe.

The only reason I like the Trident is because it looks like a Jetsons ship, but it doesn’t belong in this game.

I have a strong like for odd vehicles regardless of what the unrealistic upgrades may or may not do. I’ll take any number of them over yet another hypercar apparently cobbled together from whatever vents and wings were lying around. Or another variant on a car we already have too many variants of (b-b-but this one is the Letter Salad Meaningless Number Guy-You-Don’t-Know Edition!).

That said, even I would say the P50 shouldn’t be used as a community enticement even if the event it was supposed to spark interest in was a sham.

Collect it, don’t delete it.

Goliath with everybody running stock tune, put my name down :slight_smile:

Old news mate. Everyone already knew this weeks ago.

I think at this point they’re just screwing with us…I deleted the gift message as soon as I saw it was a p50…what’s the point of this garbage in a racing game?


Merry Xmas!