Season progress not saved

There is a big server problem each time it resets my progress in the seasonal events as if I had done 0 :rage:
2nd photo when I restart the game, I return to the starting level and I lose the money won during the tests 😭| Each time I launch the game it restarts the loading of the winter season :sleepy: :sleepy:16x16

If it’s steam then check your cloud sync!

The iCloud synchronization is activated, what is strange is that only the progress of the rival events of the month is saved, not the rest of the events.
Every time I restart the game, it recharges me for the winter season, I also don’t make purchases with my FP or apply settings to my cars
And in a Facebook discussion thread, several players are having the same problem as me
I opened a ticket to report the problem, and get help I hope they will correct the problem quickly so that I can benefit from the rewards of the season

This same thing happened to me n some guys too but no saving problem though. I hope they respond fast with hotfix!

I also hope that they will help us quickly
I just uninstalled the game, I’ll see if reinstalling the problem disappears. :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you for contacting Forza support, we appreciate the information you shared in this ticket. We’re sorry to hear about the situation you’re experiencing.

We have thoroughly reviewed your profile and looked for possible solutions to recover your data. After a detailed review, in this case we are unable to restore what was lost from this event due to technical limitations. We apologize for this inconvenience.

We have added your information to our investigation. I am marking this ticket as “Solved” as we do not require more information from you for our investigation and we are working on a fix. Our developers are working on a solution and we’ll be sure to share this on our community channels once it’s available.

The best way to prevent issues with corrupt saved data is by always waiting patiently for the sync to the cloud to process. This means not turning off your device and not exiting the game until the data is properly synced and saved up. Also, please try not to load your save on another device until you have fully closed the game on the previous device.

You can trigger a save action in game by adjusting difficulty settings then going back to free roam. You should see the spinning circle in the bottom right of the screen when saving. Make sure this action completes before closing the game.

A regular connection to Xbox Live is required to keep your data in sync. Playing offline may cause your cloud data to become out of date. Your data updates each time you connect to Xbox Live.

If you get the message to pick between save files, please note that the date is when the save was created, not when it was last saved.

Thank you for being a loyal player and taking the time to let us know about this! We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve the save data system.

This happened to me last month with the corvette z06 and again this month with the mg x power.

I’m having issues like this with a lot of stuff for me my game would even bug in a middle of a race that I’m do to get points for the new season and after it crashes it takes me to my Xbox home screen then I have to redo tho whole race

I contacted the support in order to obtain the rewards that I could not get because of the bug, asked me to contact the support of Microsoft Xbox what I did today,
During my call to request the awards to me and to recall their obligations to their customers, I was threatened to be banished and blocking my Xbox account by the telephone operator.

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