Save data from xbox one to pc

Hi all, I’m currently seeking help if possible. Any help would be much appreciated!

Basically I bought FH4 when it was first released on Xbox One, a few month down the line I built a gaming PC and I have ran the demo and its working flawlessly on my PC, so I’m looking to purchase the full game on PC.

The situation I need help with is the following;
If I purchased the full game on PC would I have to start the game again from a new save game or would my current save data transfer over? (Seen as I’m using my current Microsoft account to purchase the game again)

Again, any help will be much appreciated! Thank you!

If you own the game digitally, then you don’t have to re purchase it for the PC. If you own it digitally on one then you own it on both. As long as its the same Account/Gamertag and Windows 10.

Just go to into the Microsoft Store App and you can download it from there.

Oh, and you don’t have to start over, but you have to sync your game to your PC. This can take a little bit the first time depending on the servers and you internet connection. You can Sync back and forth between your PC and Xbox. If you have issues syncing to your PC you might want to have the Xbox on at the same time. (If you turn off your xbox before it had a chance to upload a complete sync to the Forza Servers then it won’t let you sync to your PC).

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i keep forza games on my laptop in case i get admitted to the vet admin hospital. i sync my laptop to the forza servers regularly. i have no issue with the sync either way.


JordHorsfieldx If you bought the game digital on xbox one you’ll already own it on pc just login with the same account you used on your xbox.

Fairly certain they have solved this now given they posted 2 years ago

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