Forza Horizon 4 - Windows 10 Save Data

Hey guys,

I’m going to paste the same thing I posted on the Microsoft help page, hopefully someone can give me a hand

Yesterday, I went to play Forza Horizon 4 and found that my game had started syncing. It gave me the option to choose Cloud Storage or Local Storage, Local happening to be the “Newest” of the two. I let it do it’s thing as it seemed to look quite important. When it finished and I proceeded to play the game, my Save had been reset and I was right at the start of the game. Baring in mind, I was getting towards the first prestige with a lot of Forza Edition and Legendary cars in the inventory. (8 or 9 million credits in the bank as well).
I have realised that this isn’t a problem with the game itself, it’s the fact that Xbox has synced incorrectly and caused me to lose my progress.
If anyone can help, please do, this has really ruined my overall experience.

I’m really, REALLY hoping that one of the mods can help me sort my save data out. Having to play another 5 hours of gameplay, just to join my friends, is starting to sound very daunting