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I need help…Let me start from the begining. When I got Forza Horizon 4, I downloaded it digitally on PC and Xbox. I played it on and off of my PC and Xbox, and the PC gave me saving issues and would’nt save. So i just decided to play it on Xbox. Three Weeks later, I attempted to play it on the PC. I load up the game and play, and decide to go on the Xbox. I go on the xbox and see what i earned in those 3 weeks,earning 100 million credits and a prestige 3 level and exploring almost everything, is gone, and is the save file from 3 weeks ago from the PC. I would preffer to play on PC but I am forced almost to play on Xbox. I love Forza Games, and I am Very Passionate about this game, And i want to watch this game grow and to play with all my friends getting this game. Im mad and upset with the game and i cant get the courage to pick up a controller and play. If someone can help the be great. Cheers

FH4 issues / support evidence - YouTube ← Proof Of Money I had

I think I have experienced same issue and I feel kinda gutted about it. I have been playing this on my PC and its been FLAWLESS. I put it on my sons XBOX One S so he could also play it under his own profile. When I went to play it again in PC, it said something about it “not syncing” and restarted with ALL my progress lost. I checked on the XBox and its the same there as well. All my achievements are still on my Xbox profile, but just wont load onto my PC OR my Xbox. Feelsbadman… I hope there is some way to fix this because as much as I love this game, this is pretty off putting.

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same your problem happen to me lets see support react … open topic for it here let support try to fix our problemo

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