Saucey Rammers

Been online for about a week now and noticed a commonality between drivers when we are door/door on the track. Needless ramming.
I’ve seen on multiple occasions intentional door slams to knock me off the track or into a embankment. Not cool.
I’ve literally been pushed by a friggin’ S2000 into a tree. He was literally almost sideways trying to push my Ferrari 360 Challenge.

When you see me online I’ll either brake to let you pass and I’ll try my hardest not to hit you to mess you up.
If you are driving a superior powered car it shouldn’t be an issue and pass me on the left, I got nothing to lose and I’m playing for fun testing out my rigs.
If we are racing, don’t ram me into a wall because you can’t drive. I’m all for racing, drafting, etc.

Thanks in advance